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Is 13 Too Young to Date?

Very few parents let their 13-year-olds date, but parents can placate their kids with coed get-togethers. read more

When a Child Uses Profanity

Here's some advice on how to handle a seven-year-old who is using profanity he doesn't even understand. read more

Best Friend's Son Is Abusive to Children

There are steps that should be taken immediately when a child is striking your children or others. read more

Verbal Harassment

Here's what to do when your child is the subject of name-calling at school. read more

Children and Guilt

Children lack the appropriate skills for coping with guilt. They often begin to act out when they feel they've caused some harm to befall a parent, . read more

Preoccupation with Death and Illness

While a child's fear may be focused on one topic, it usually reflects a more general anxiety condition related to a bigger problem. read more

ADHD, Behavioral Problems, and Failing Grades

When it seems like your child's problems involve more than ADHD, here's what you need to do. read more

Punishing in Public

Children will take advantage if they perceive that you're uncomfortable punishing them in front of others. read more

How to Handle Lying Incident

Teens will always try to outwit everyone and distract the adults from the main issue. Set consequences for bad behavior and stick to them. read more

Seventh-Grader Won't Turn in Homework

The only way any of us learn is through experience and tough consequences. Unfortunately, some kids have to experience the consequences. read more

Eleven-Year-Old Called Gay

What used to be unheard of in elementary school is now common practice -- taunting and bullying based on actual or perceived sexual orientation. read more

Careless Child

Set up a simple system of rewards to help your child keep track of things. read more

Seventh-Grader Is Being Harassed

School peer-mediation programs are helpful in cases like this. A child can ask for a mediation with the student most responsible for the harassment. read more

Students Are Targeting 14-Year-Old

In a serious situation like this, parents should insist on a meeting with all of their child's teachers, the school counselor, and others. read more

Twelve-Year-Old Telling Lies

Begin by toning down the attention you give to your son's lying. read more

Should 14-Year-Old Talk to Boys on the Phone?

Talking on the phone is a privilege, not a right. Whether teens are talking to boys or girls on the phone, the rules should be the same. read more

Daughter Mistreats Pets

Mother is bewildered by her young daughter's mistreatment of pets. read more

Eleven-Year-Old Is Out of Control

Our expert recommends comprehensive treatment, including intensive therapy for a troubled 11-year-old. read more

Adult Harasses Middle-Schooler

When harassment verges on physical assault, it is time to take action. read more

Harassed 14-year-old Doing Poorly in School

Harassment is the number one cause of dropping out of school and can lead students, especially girls, to fail to meet their potential. read more

Eighth-Grader Has Anger Problem

Classmates can be cruel, but anger over teasing needs to be addressed. read more

Sixth-Grader Has Attitude Problems

Parents need to agree on some rules for their child, when an attitude problem sets in. read more

Ninth-Grader Bullied for Homework

This boy should be encouraged to tell a trusted counselor or teacher about doing the other boy's homework, as well as about the physical attack. read more

Sixth-Grader Has Been Bullied Since First Grade

No one should have to go through elementary and junior high being constantly harassed and bullied. read more

Compulsive Lying

Learn how to deal with a child who lies compulsively. read more

Father Finds Evidence of Drinking

What is the best way to deal with your son after you find evidence of drinking? read more

Test-Taking Anxiety

Learn a number of steps that might make test-taking easier for an anxious child. read more

Child Caught Stealing

Be on the lookout for problem behaviors, even when your child is young. read more

Challenging Authority at Home

When your child challenges your authority, there are ways to handle the conflict without damaging his independent thinking. read more

Son Is Being Picked on by Former Friends

Talking to the parents of harassers is not a good option, unless you know them well and are sure they would not approve of their children's behavior. read more