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3 Quick and Easy Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

3 Quick and Easy Memorial Day Crafts for Kids
Memorial Day crafts for kids
By: Courtney Key

Memorial Day is the official kickoff to all things summer, including backyard parties. Will there be a whole bunch of kiddos in attendance at your next barbecue? You may want to set out a craft table to keep them busy. Here are a few Memorial Day crafts that are sure to please.

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1. Egg Carton American Flag

Michelle over at Crafty Morning shared a patriotic craft on the cheap!

Here's what you need:

  • 18 count egg carton
  • Blue, white, and red paint
  • white scrap paper
  • Kid-friendly scissors and paintbrush

Have your child paint the top 4 cartons blue, and then paint the "stripes" or rows on the carton red. Once the red paint is dry, paint the tops white. You can then cut out stars from your white paper to stick onto the blue section. This image will help you visualize the steps.

Egg carton american flag memorial day crafts kids

TIP: If your children are little it's helpful to have a picture of the flag as a model.

2. Q-Tip Fireworks

These Q-Tip Fireworks from Craft Morning are easy and fun.

All you need are:

  • cotton swabs or q-tips
  • red and blue paint
  • black construction paper

You simply half the q-tips, dip the tips in paint, and create a circle shape to resemble a firework. Voila! This is a wonderful craft for toddlers because they can improvise and have fun creating shapes.

Q tip patriotic memorial day crafts kids

3. Wind Catcher

The wind catcher craft is a bit more advance. It requires adult help, but it really comes out great!

You'll need:

  • floral wire
  • pliers
  • fishing line
  • scissors
  • plastic tablecloths -- red, white and blue to be festive

The tutorial over at Multiples and More has great instructions and photos, but here are abbreviated instructions to get you started. First, make a circle out of your floral wire and pliers (kids can watch this step, especially if they're young). Then have your children cut the plastic tablecloths into strips. You can then fold the strips in half and loop them around the wire creating a knot. Let your kids have fun with colors and patterns. You can then attach some fishing line to the top and hang it outdoors to enjoy.

memorial day craft kids wind catcher

TIP: I like to prep the tricky steps before involving my son

From my family to yours, Happy Memorial Day! This mama is crossing her fingers for sunshine.

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