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Celebrate Passover with your children. Test your knowledge of Passover traditions, discuss the significance of this important Jewish holiday, and prepare a Passover feast.

All About the Haggadah: Family-Friendly Activities to Keep Young Kids Engaged

The Passover Seder is a meal and a service all in one. Everyone has a Haggadah and follows along with the leader, reading responsively and taking turns telling the story of the exodus of the Jews from slavery in the land of Egypt. read more

Decoupage Seder Plate

Decoupage Seder Plate A Seder plate is used as a centerpiece during the Seder dinner to hold the traditional symbolic foods of the meal. Gather your family together to make this lovely decoupage glass Seder plate to place on your table. Holiday Hints You might want to try making a decoupage plate to display during other seasons. For example, you could use fall pictures for a Thanksgiving plate, fruits and vegetables for a summer brunch plate, or winter scenes for a cookie plate. read more

Passover Freedom Mural

Passover Freedom Mural Discuss what freedom means to you and your family and how this principle is celebrated in the Passover season. Have the children find pictures in magazines or draw pictures that represent freedom. Create a mural on poster board using these pictures, markers, and some sticker letters. You could also search the Internet for coloring pages to use in your mural. Level: Easy Time involved: One to two hours Materials: read more

Passover Pancakes

Passover Pancakes Start your day out right with these delicious pancakes made with matzoh meal. You might want to add some fresh fruit while they're cooking to make them tasty and nutritious. I'd recommend sliced apples, sliced peaches, sliced strawberries, or blueberries. read more

Passover Quiz

At Passover, everyone has a role to play, from the tiniest tot on up. What's your Passover know-how? read more

Passover Seder Quiz

Test your Seder savvy with this fun quiz! read more

Pillows with Pizzazz

Pillows with Pizzazz Recline in style at your Seder dinner by making this lovely Passover pillow. read more