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Appy Friday: Puzzles, Brain Fun, Karaoke, Animals and Physics

"Appy" Friday! This week, we feature Busy Shapes, Busy Shapes 2 ,Little Fox Music Box - Sing along fun for lids, Animal Rescue Book, and Physics Studio.
Appy Friday Apps

"Appy" Friday! This week, we feature Busy Shapes, Busy Shapes 2, Little Fox Music Box - Sing along fun for kids, Animal Rescue Book, and Physics Studio. Each app aims to teach kids important lessons and help them through stages of development! Check out our video too:


1. Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes is an app designed to help lead your child through some crucial stages of development, one milestone at a time. The app uses principles from Piaget's ideas about brain development to create an experience that will scale to your child's stage and target the skills they need. And, when your kids are done playing, the app allows you to track their progress and gives advice about what you can do to help their growth.

busy shapes

2. Busy Shapes 2

Busy Shapes 2 is the sequel to the first Busy Shapes, intended for older kids who can handle more of a challenge. This 3D puzzle game aims to take the critical skills kids learned with the first app and keep pushing the limits. Like before, parents can track their children's progress through Piaget's stages of development, and the app results can help you offer your children some needed guidance outside of the game.

busy shapes 2

3. Little Fox Music Box - Sing along fun for kids

Little Fox Music Box is more than just kids' karaoke. This app features a whole array of interactive, animated elements for kids to engage with as they sing along to three children's classics. And once they've made their way through the app's music, the app allows kids to record their own songs to keep the fun going for hours.

little fox music box

4. Animal Rescue Book

Animal Rescue Book is a cute game that teaches kids a couple important lessons. First, the responsive touch controls and cause-and-effect elements teach kids valuable cognitive skills. And, just as important, the game is all about the kind and humane treatment of animals, helping to teach kids the value of non-human life as they play. The art and sound design is another plus, sure to keep your children engaged as they rescue their animal friends.

animal rescue book

5. Physics Studio

Physics Studio is a simulator intended to help students learns important physics concepts in an intuitive and interactive way. The app contains a wide variety of experiments and simulations that budding young scientists need to know. And, the app contains quizzes and exams to reinforce knowledge, and to track users' progress as they work their way through the materials. For additional challenge (and a $1 monthly subscription), users can also set up daily challenges to keep pushing their boundaries as they explore the fundamentals of physics.

physics studio

Be sure to check out our "Appy" Friday videos each week for more new app ideas.

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