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Grid Game

In this identification game, children have to find an item that combines the color and characteristic found on the provided grid.
By: Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book

Grid Game


  • Large sheet of poster board or paper (at least three feet square) or old bed sheet
  • Pen or marker
  • Beanbag


  1. On a large sheet of poster board or paper or an old bed sheet, draw a grid pattern of five columns by five rows.
  2. Across the top of the grid, label each column with an adjective like big, small, hard, soft, round, long, short, and so on.
  3. Down the side of the grid, label each row with a common color name like red, green, yellow, blue, black, white, and so on.
  4. Lay the grid on a floor or other flat surface. Have your child stand several feet away from the grid and toss a beanbag on it.
  5. Your child must then find an object that matches the characteristics of the square into which the beanbag lands.
  6. For example, if the beanbag lands on a square in the "red" row and the "round" column, he must find something round and red like a ball, balloon, or marble.
  7. To vary the grid, change the labels to correspond with different objects in your home.
  8. To include younger children, label the grid to correspond with stuffed animals (white cat, pink bear), toys (red Duplo piece, blue car), clothing (green sock, white T-shirt), and so on.

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