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New Year's Poppers

Celebrate the New Year with poppers filled with trinkets and treats. They're easy to make!

New Year's Poppers

These unusual New Year's favors will brighten any dinner table. Watch the kids' faces light up when they find their favorite trinkets and candies inside!

Holiday Hints

New Year's poppers would make great favors for a kid's birthday party. You can fill the poppers with wrapped gummy candies and with trinkets that reflect the age and gender of the guests. Write the names of the guests on the outside with a glitter marker and place them on the party table.

Level: Easy

Time involved: One to two hours


  • White poster board
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Yarn
  • Confetti
  • Trinkets and wrapped candies
  • Glitter pen
  1. Cut a piece of poster board into a 6-inch square. Roll the poster board into a tube and glue the sides together to form a tube with open ends. Or, you could omit this step and use a cardboard toilet paper roll covered with tissue or construction paper.

  2. Place the end of the tube on the poster paper and trace around it to make discs for the ends of the tube. Cut two circles out of the poster board.

  3. Poke a hole in the centers of the discs. Cut a piece of yarn that is 10 inches long. Thread the yarn into the hole in one of the discs and tie a knot to secure it. Glue this disc onto the inside of the one end of the tube as shown. Pull the yarn through the tube so that it extends out the other end and allow to dry.

  4. Add confetti, trinkets, and candies to the tube. Fill the tube to the top or add some crumpled tissue paper to fill it. Keep the piece of yarn taut and in the center of the tube.

  5. Thread the second prepared disc onto the end of the yarn and push it up to seal the tube. Glue the disc in place and allow it to dry.

  6. Write “Happy New Year” and the date on the outside of the tube with a glitter pen. Open the firecrackers together by quickly pulling the yarn through the tube. Be prepared to clean up a little confetti or omit this ingredient if you don't want a mess.

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