How to Make Patriotic Flip Flops

Learn how to create your own Patriotic Flip Flops. It will add a some sparkle to your Fourth of July celebration!

Patriotic Flip Flops

Give a plain pair of rubber flip flops a patriotic makeover with our step by step video tutorial. Great for kids, teens, even Mom might like a pair of these! Best of all, you can easily remove and switch up the decorations to wear them all summer long.


  • Rubber Flip Flops
  • Glitter in Blue and Red
  • Foam Pouncer
  • Scissors
  • Four Foam Stars in Two Sizes
  • Hole Punch
  • Marker
  • Mod Podge Glossy
  • Tinsel Twine (or metallic stretch cord)
  • Optional Foam Bowls and Glue


  1. Mark hole placement on stars, you want them to line up when they’re stacked
  2. Punch holes, we used a 1/16” punch to make smaller holes.
  3. Peel stickers from back of foam stars, dip into glitter. We had the glitter in foam bowls to keep the mess contained.
  4. Tap an even coat of Mod Podge Glossy over glittered stars. Don’t wipe, dab. Let this dry.
  5. Cut 2 12” twine segments. Fold in half. Thread through front of toe bar, then back into loop, and tighten.
  6. Thread the twine ends into the bottom of your stars, the larger star goes on the bottom. Tie this into a bow. If you want to keep the stars on the shoes permanently, dab some glue on the knot.

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Happy July 4th to you and your family