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Our 10 Favorite Easter-Themed Pranks for April Fool's Day

Easter and April Fool's Day on the same day? What a perfect opportunity to play a couple of pranks on your kids! We asked our network of parents for their favorite Easter-themed pranks.
Easter-Themed Pranks
By: Laurie Mega

This year, Easter falls on April Fool's Day.

No, really. It does. We're not kidding.

Honestly, it's a little weird that the holiest day in the Christian calendar falls on this somewhat obnoxious non-holiday. But we say why not take the opportunity to have a little fun? Maybe play a few harmless pranks on the kids?

After all, Easter hasn't fallen on April Fool's Day since 1956, and it won't happen again until 2029.

We polled our network of parents and pulled together our favorite answers to our question: What are you doing to prank your kids this Easter?

From Our Readers

  1. Kate says: "Fill plastic eggs with shaving cream."
  2. Nancy suggests dental floss instead.
  3. Karen suggests filling them with veggies.
  4. If you're using real eggs, Erica suggests coloring some raw eggs and mixing them in with the hard-boiled ones. (Just be prepared for the mess.)
  5. For the actual hunt, Kathy says: "If there’s still snow on the ground, leave the eggs white." But make sure YOU remember where they are!
  6. Ross simply wrote: "Easter egg hunt. No Easter eggs."
  7. If you usually do Easter baskets, Kerri says: "A friend of mine is filling stockings instead of Easter baskets," just to mess with them a little.

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From Us

And we had a few suggestions of our own.

  1. Add something that rattles to plastic eggs to suggest a toy surprise, then glue them shut.
  2. Fill their Easter basket with toothbrushes and toothpaste and tell the kids the Tooth Fairy took over when the Easter Bunny got sick.
  3. Tip over an empty Easter basket and scatter candy wrappers on the floor. Tell the kids the Easter Bunny got hungry.

A Word to the Wise

No matter what you do, don't let the joke go on for more than a few minutes. Keeping it going, especially for little kids, can result in a full-on meltdown. If you're doing an egg-hunt prank, give them about 15 to 20 minutes to realize they've been pranked.

Make sure you have real eggs/candy/Easter baskets at the ready. Otherwise, you'll have an all-out revolt on your hands.

And keep your phone handy to capture their expressions. If they're really good, post them to Facebook or Instagram and tag us @familyeducation!

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