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Make Some Magic!

Your child can have fun dazzling his friends with these easy-to-learn magic tricks.
By: Christine Dvornik

Make Some Magic!

Okay kids, are you ready to dazzle your friends and family with powers they never knew you had? Fantastic! Before you begin your magic-making merriment, there are a few things to remember. All great magicians learn these three rules of magic early on. The earlier you learn them the better!

Rule #1. practice
Rule #3. PRACTICE!

Got it? Good! And now you're ready to begin...

Find the Mystery Card Trick

Props: Deck of cards

The Trick: Your friend will select a card from a deck and without seeing what she has chosen, you will easily find the card after she puts the deck back together!

How It Works:

  1. Have one of your friends select one card from a deck.

  2. Have them look at the card and show the others in the room (excluding you) what the card is.

  3. After everyone has seen the card, have them put the deck back together.

  4. When everyone but you is looking at the your friends' card, look at the the bottom card of the deck.

    **The card that is on the bottom of the deck will be your key card (for example, it may be the Queen of hearts), and you will use it to find the card your friend chose.

  5. Have her place the card on the top of the deck.

  6. Cut the deck, and place the bottom part on the top part.

  7. The Queen of hearts (your key card!) will be on top of your friends card.

  8. Turn the deck over, and spread it out. Find the Queen of hearts (the key card)

  9. The card exactly to the right of that will be the mystery card!

Mind Reader Trick

Props: Deck of cards

The Trick: Ask someone to pick a number between one and ten. Then, tell them to cut the deck into parts based on the number they chose. Wave your hand over each of the piles and place it on one. Tell your friend to take the bottom card from the pile. Tell them to concentrate on the number of the card as you look into their eyes. To their surprise, you will reveal what their card was.

How it Works: Before you have your friend pick a number, you look at the bottom of the deck of cards and remember what the card is. When your friend divides the deck into the piles, look carefully at which is from the bottom of the deck. Waving your hand over the piles, select the one from the the bottom of the deck. After you select the pile, tell them to take the bottom card (which is the one you were supposed to remember), and reveal its identity!

Postcard Power Trick

Props: Five postcards, pencils, and envelopes.

The Trick: Have five of your friends write their names on separate postcards. Give them each an envelope. Have your friends put their postcards in an envelope. One person should collect all the envelopes, mix them up, and hand them to you. Using your powers, you will hand each of your friends an envelope, which to their suprise will be the one with their name on the postcard inside!

How It Works:

  1. You need five postcards, five pencils, and five envelopes. All the same shape, size, and color.

  2. While no one is around, make a small mark on each of the envelopes so you will be able to identify the owner of the card.

  3. With the first envelope, you make a small mark on the back, in the bottom right. That is number one. When you give someone that envelope, in your mind, associate them with number one.

  4. Do the same with the next envelope, except make the small mark in the bottom left side. Remember who is number two when you give this out.

  5. With number 3, make the mark in the middle of the envelope.

  6. With the 4th, make the mark in the top left side.

  7. With the fifth, you put the mark on the top right.

***The most important part of this trick is to make sure you remember who is what number!***

The rest is easy, just use your powers and hand them back their envelopes.

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