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    Outdoor Activities
    Top 10 Camping Foods and Recipes
    Keep your campers happy with kid-friendly, familiar meals while you're roughing it. These foods are easy to travel with and can be cooked right over the campfire or on a portable camping stove. Remember to pack all your camping essentials, and st...
    Erin Dower
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    Top Kid-Friendly Campgrounds
    With the cost of family vacations rising, one affordable alternative is to reserve a campsite at a state or national park. Whether you pitch a tent or rent a cabin, at these campsites you'll have a low-cost base of operations for outdoor activiti...
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    Outdoor Safety
    Safety Tips for Hiking and Camping
    Safety Tips for Hiking and Camping Hiking is an ideal warm weather activity for families. It gives you and your kids a chance to be active, explore nature, and spend time away from the lure of television and video games. Whether you're planning o...
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    Outdoor Safety
    Camping Cautions
    Camping Cautions Safety Savvy If your kids will be wading in creeks, take along extra tennis shoes they can wear to protect their feet from broken glass and sharp rocks. Or buy water shoes or socks with tough soles. Gadget Guide Have your child ...
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    Backyard Camping
    Backyard Camping Materials   Tent (check out the The 5 Best Family Tents for Camping This Summer) Sleeping bags Pillows Flashlight Snack Directions You don't have to go far to give your preschooler the outdoor experience. On a fine sum...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Preschooler's Busy Book
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    Camp Packing Tips
    Camp Packing TipsWhat do you pack when you send your kid off to camp? Some parents ship their children out with enough stuff to equip Patton's 3rd Field Army. Other kids are lucky to leave home with a toothbrush and a change of underwear. Somewhe...
    Dennis Randall