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BattleshipsMaterials One pencil per player Four sheets of paperDirections read more

Benefits of Classic Games

Read about the numerous benefits to be gained from playing classic games. read more


Checkers Checkers is one of the first games I ever learned how to play. It is supposed to be lighthearted and fun, but there are some serious players out there who abide quite strictly to the rules of the game. Checkers (or “Draughts” as it is called in the United Kingdom) is played in many pubs and taverns throughout the world. It can be as serious or as silly a game as you want it to be. read more

The Game of Chess

The Game of Chess The game of Chess today is played by two people and is renowned the world over for complicated maneuvering and strategic planning. You can learn the basics of Chess and have a good time playing it, or you can learn Chess notation and find out how the great players of the world think. read more

The Importance of Playing Games with Your Preschooler

The Importance of Playing Games with Your Preschooler Q-tip Picture lotto is a terrific game for three-year-olds. After your child has mastered simple matching skills, invent some variations. Divide the cards evenly and take turns being the "caller." The caller turns one card over and announces what card she has: "I have a bird. Does anyone have a bird on their board?" This allows your preschooler to practice her new vocabulary. read more