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Make a Time Capsule

In this family activity, current information is gathered about your family and the world, put into a capsule, and buried -- to be dug up sometime in the future.

Make a Time Capsule


  • Airtight container

A time capsule is a container full of information about you, your family, and the times you live in. It gets buried in the ground to be discovered maybe hundreds of years from now. Think about the things you want to put in it: a letter about your life, pictures from magazines, today's paper, a CD with music and sounds, Velcro, an old calculator, or anything that people in the future might find interesting. Write the date you buried it somewhere. Bury the time capsule at least six inches underground and keep a record of where it is buried for yourself. You may want to put a rock on top of it and scratch in the words time capsule and the date.

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