The 8 Best Convertible Cribs in 2020

Updated: March 2, 2021
With so many convertible cribs on the market, how will you decide which one is best for you? We carefully selected our favorites to help you make the right choice.
The 8 best convertible cribs for 2020

Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

Convertible cribs are a great choice because they grow with your baby. What begins as a baby crib converts to a toddler bed and in some cases even a full-size bed. When choosing between bassinets and crib styles, a convertible crib is a smart choice.

Going with a convertible crib means you don’t have to buy a new bed every couple of years. With so many convertible cribs on the market, how will you decide which one is best for you? We carefully selected our favorites to help you make the right choice.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Convertible Crib

  • Safety First: Make sure your crib has passed the federal safety standards
  • Longevity: This purchase is meant to last your child for several years, so you want it to be durable.
  • Aesthetics: You want something that looks nice and that is versatile enough to complement your nursery furniture as well as the different bedroom themes your child might like over the years
  • Value: Check to see what is included with your purchase. Some cribs come with a toddler bed conversion kit or a crib mattress, while with others, you will need to purchase these things separately.

How We Chose Our Favorites

In order to curate the most helpful list of convertible cribs possible, we scoured consumer reviews and consulted directly with real parents who have tried the cribs out. We also spoke with parenting experts to make sure the convertible cribs we selected were safe and well-loved by families. After hearing about experiences in real nurseries around the world we came up with a list of the top favorites that will help you choose the perfect convertible crib for your little one.

1.  Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Convertible Crib for the Petite Mama

This crib has a sleek, minimalist design that will complement any nursery. It comes with a toddler bed conversion kit and it transforms easily into a toddler bed and daybed. Because the Hudson’s sides are lower than average crib height, parents who are on the shorter side found it easier to reach all the way down to pick up their baby. Made of sustainable New Zealand pine wood, this convertible crib is both sturdy and non-toxic.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “The crib is solid, has four mattress settings, and a clean modern look. Bonus points that it came with the toddler rail.”
  • “I’m not a tall person, so the lower profile of this crib has been great because I can actually reach my baby even when the crib is in a lower setting.”
  • “Beautiful crib! Prettier in person than in the pictures. Good price, sturdy and it was easy to put together. I’m pregnant and did it all by myself. It’s great for short moms. Not quite as tall as most cribs.”

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2.  Union 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Convertible Crib for Parents on a Budget

The Union 3-in-1 convertible crib gets you the most bang for your buck. It is a great fit for families trying to save on all the necessary baby gear, while still being a stylish and functional crib. Parents also loved that this crib is lightweight and easy to match with any kind of nursery decor.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “This is a basic crib that does the job! No frills; minimalist look at a great price. I'm happy with my purchase and I've received lots of compliments on it!”
  • “This crib is such a steal! It looks great in my baby’s room and it was way less than the cost of any of the other cribs I found! It goes perfectly in her room and it is plain which is just what I wanted!”

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3.  DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Portable Crib

Best Portable Convertible Crib for Parents on the Go and Parents of Multiple Children

For some parents, being able to move the crib around is a must. If you need a crib that you can easily roll across the nursery or from room to room, the DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 is your best bed. Parents who had their little ones nap in the nursery but room share for overnight sleep loved this option, as did those who rearranged to accommodate sibling sleep schedules. This crib also has super-cute detailed rails that will give the nursery a classic look. It is Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning that it's been tested for over 10,000 chemicals.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “I love how lightweight and easy it is to roll around, yet it sits very securely in place once you enable the wheel locks.”
  • “This crib is classic and traditional and oh-so-elegant and timeless. Everyone loves my nursery. I put it together myself while pregnant.” 
  • “Love how easy it is to move this crib. I can roll it in my room if baby is sick and keep an eye.”

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4.  Pottery Barn Kendall Convertible Crib

Kendall Convertible Baby Crib Pottery Barn

The Best Option for Parents Designing a Stylish and Design-Focused Nursery

If you’re up on nursery trends and want your baby nestled into an Instagram-worthy setup, this crib is your ideal choice. It is beautifully designed and features craftsman-inspired details that make it as pretty as a picture. The Kendall is also very durable and will last well through the crib and toddler bed stages.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “We used this crib for our son and we plan to use it again for baby #2!”
  • “Good design, sturdy, held up well.”

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5.  Dream on Me Aden Convertible Mini Crib

Best Convertible Crib for Parents Living in Small Spaces

If you have a tiny nursery or you want to keep your crib close to your own bedside, a mini-crib could be your best bet. Parents of twins or multiples also loved that they could easily fit two of these cribs into one shared room. The really great thing about this mini-crib is that it converts into a twin-sized bed later on, so it will last you even longer than many convertible cribs.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “Perfect crib for people with small spaces.”
  • “We purchased two of these for the twins we are expecting next year and they fit the space perfectly!” 
  • “I have a smaller room, but did not want to co-sleep again with our newest baby! This was a fantastic solution. There's a ton of room in it.”

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6.  DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Convertible Crib for the Health-Conscious Parent

If you are the type of parent who wants to make sure that all your baby gear is chemical-free and sustainable, this is the convertible crib for you. The DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 is Greenguard Gold Certified, meaning that it has been tested for over 10,000 chemicals. The finish is non-toxic and free of lead and phthalate. With this crib, you can rest assured that your little one is breathing clean air. The Kalani also has the added bonus of being able to convert to a twin bed with a headboard and footboard, furthering its longevity.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “I really wanted to stay away from chemicals, fumes, and so on. It is amazingly sturdy when assembled, zero fumes, looks good, solid construction.”
  • “This crib is well worth the price! It is gorgeous and sturdy. Zero complaints on the quality and my husband had it fully assembled in 1 hour. Totally worth it!”

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7.  Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

Best Convertible Crib for Parents Who Don’t Want to Spend All Nine Months Assembling It

It’s not until after you have a baby that you realize how much assembly is required when it comes to all the gear! For some parents, easy assembly is the most important factor in what they buy. Not only do you have to be able to figure out how to do it, but you also don’t want to risk assembling something incorrectly and creating an unsafe set up for your baby. So if you want to be sure that assembly is going to be a breeze, go for the Delta Children Canton 4-in-1. This crib converts to a toddler bed as well as a twin-sized bed that will last through childhood.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “I appreciate that it really was not that difficult to put together, it took about 30 minutes to get it completely set up.”
  • “When we purchased the crib, I was 8 months pregnant and was able to help put it together. Very easy assembly. After being put together, it feels very sturdy.”
  • “We've had it for two years now, it was super easy to assemble when I was pregnant. We've taken it apart and put it back together a few times (for moving), and it's still as sturdy as it was brand new.”

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8.  Graco Benton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer

Best Convertible Crib for Parents Who Want All the Bells and Whistles

Are you the type of parent who wants to buy one product that includes everything you can think of? If you want an all-in-one solution for your baby’s needs, go for the Graco Benton 4-in-1. Not only does it convert from a crib to a toddler bed or daybed and later to a twin-sized bed, taking care of your child’s sleep space perhaps until he moves out, but it is also multifunctional. The Benton includes an attached changing table and three built-in drawers. It could easily be the only piece of furniture in your nursery if you wanted.

Here’s What Reviewers Have to Say…

  • “The drawers are sturdy and the side shelves are perfect for all the diapers and wipes I have bought so far.”
  • “I love the changing station attached with drawers and shelves.”
  • “I absolutely love this crib! The crib is well made and all the nuts and bolts are high quality.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Convertible Cribs

Q: Is a convertible crib a safe option for my baby?

To market an item as a crib, bassinet, or play yard, the manufacturer has to pass the federal safety standards. Convertible cribs are considered safe for sleep as long as parents follow the ABC’s of safe sleep: the infant should sleep alone, be placed on their back, and in a crib. That means that you should not add any blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or crib bumpers, and that no one else should sleep in the crib with the baby.

Cribs can be recalled or outdated, so it’s safest to buy a new crib. If your crib is not new, do your research to make sure it has not been recalled and that it meets the federal safety standards. An example of an unsafe crib that should not be used is a drop-side crib.

Q: Do I need to buy a toddler bed conversion kit for my convertible crib?

This depends on the model that you select. You can find this information in the product description. If you need to purchase a conversion kit separately, it is wise to buy this together with the crib. Then you won’t have to worry about your model or color being discontinued.

Q: When do I need to convert the crib to a toddler bed?

You must convert the crib to a toddler bed when your little one first tries to climb out of the crib or when they reach the manufacturer’s listed height limit.

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