12 First Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated: July 1, 2020
Having a hard time deciding on a birthday present for baby's first birthday? We can help. Check out our list of top baby gift ideas for baby's first birthday.
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A first birthday is truly something special to celebrate. Your little one is officially leaving babyhood behind and entering the exciting world of discovery called toddlerhood. This milestone birthday will be one to remember, and these first birthday gift ideas will help to make the most of this precious time. Here are 12 first birthday gifts in celebration of the number of months making up your baby’s first year:

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Toys for One-Year-Olds

Felt Food Set

This is a year of both food and play exploration. Felt food sets offer a fun way for your little one to explore playing with food with soft toys that are safe for throwing and snuggling. These sets come in adorable combinations like veggie pizzas, sushi combos, sandwich making sets, and baskets of fruit.

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Play Kitchen

Toddlers love to pretend to be mommy and daddy, and a play kitchen gives them the space and tools to do just that. They will love cooking and preparing meals in the adorable way that only toddlers can pull off, and this is a playroom essential that will provide your one year old with entertainment for years.

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Musical Instruments

The sounds of a little one playing can be music to your ears. Gift your new toddler with a set of musical instruments to develop her love for music. Making up their own songs and beats can keep toddlers happy and busy in an exciting way, and they will love having you as a captive audience.

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Clothing First Birthday Gift Ideas

Costume Set

Your little one will begin exploring her place in the world by trying on the identities of the people and characters she sees around her. A set of costume pieces will help her learn to express herself and to have fun making her own choices about who she is. Whether it is parts of a police officer, doctor, or Disney character’s outfit, she will love dressing up and playing new roles.

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First Birthday Shirt

Your birthday child will love celebrating this special new age with a first birthday shirt that she can wear all year long. It also makes for cute pictures, and a fun benchmark to see how she grows and changes in the shirt throughout the year.

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First Pair of Shoes

Your little one’s year will be filled with exploring mobility at all different levels, and a first pair of shoes will get lots of mileage. The joy of watching your toddler play with movement is so special, and new shoes to accompany these memorable times will go a long way.

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Birthday Tradition Gifts to Start With Your One-Year-Old

High School Graduation Shirt

Gift your one-year-old with a graduation year shirt in a size that fits an eighteen year old to match her projected year of high school graduation. Each year on her birthday, you can photograph her wearing that shirt starting from when it is double the size of her body through the perfect fit seventeen years later.

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A Yearly Birthday Figurine

Begin a yearly tradition of presenting your birthday child with a figurine that celebrates her age. This will be the start of a beautiful collection, and your little one will look forward to seeing the new addition each year. If you purchase the entire collection now, you will never have to worry about finding these collectibles as the years go on.

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Savings Account Contribution

It’s hard to imagine college, world travel, or a first car when you are facing your baby’s very first birthday, but beginning to invest in a savings account for your child is a worthy birthday tradition. Though she won’t understand the value of this gift for years to come, she will certainly be grateful when the time comes to start using her savings. For tips on opening a kids' savings account, check out this post from NerdWallet.

Experience Gifts Ideas for First Birthday

Mommy and Me Classes

A first birthday brings along more laughter, babble, and interaction with your baby. A wonderful way to make the most of this special time is with mommy and me classes. Whether it’s a music, swimming, or play focused class, you will love seeing your little one grow in a new environment and amongst other children her age.

Children’s Museum Membership

A membership to your local children’s museum will provide you and your birthday child with a place to make so many memories together. Indoor space to play and learn will give you both the chance to see shows, play in an educational way, and interact with other parents and children in a fun way. As the months go on, you’ll be amazed at how much more your little one can do during your museum visits.

Subscription Book Service

It’s never too early to fall in love with reading, and receiving a monthly shipment of age appropriate board books will help your little one start this new journey. Each month, you will receive new books for your child to play with and for you to begin bedtime routines of reading nightly stories together. The more books you have around, the more your birthday child will start to explore the world of reading. CrateJoy is a great option.

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