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Updated May 19, 2022

Syria is an Arabic country that not many people think of when it comes to Muslim and Islamic culture. We have put together some information as well as lists of last names found in Syria to give you more background on their ancestry.

Syrian Naming History and Traditions

Last names weren’t always common in Syria. After birth, children were given a personal name and they took on their father’s name and then their grandfather’s name. In some unique cases, they would use a chosen family name instead of the grandfather’s name. This is known as the Arabic naming convention.

Common Syrian Surnames

  1. Ali - This last name is of Arabic origin and it means “champion” or “elevated.”
  2. Ahmad - This Arabic surname means “thanks to God.” Another common way to spell this name is “Ahmed.”
  3. Darwish - This last name is most often seen in Levantine communities in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. It means “wandering” in Arabic.
  4. Dawoud - This Muslim last name is the Arabic form of “David,” which is Hebrew for “beloved.”
  5. Fadel - This is an Arabic surname derived from a personal name that means “honorable.”
  6. Habib - The meaning of this last name is “friend” or “beloved.” It is derived from the Muslim and Jewish given names.
  7. Hassan - This surname can have many origins including Arabic, Irish, and even Scottish. It translates to “beauty” or “handsome.”
  8. Hussein - This name is a derivative of “Hassan.” It means “to be good” or “to be handsome” in Arabic.
  9. Khalid - This is a Muslim surname that is based on the Arabic personal name, which means “eternal” or “immortal.”
  10. Mahmoud - The meaning of this last name is “praiseworthy” in Arabic.
  11. Mustafa - This is one of the most popular Arabic last names in the Muslim world. It means “the chosen one.”
  12. Qasim - This is a common surname in Syria and other countries such as Saudi Arabia. It means “one who distributes or shares” in Arabic.
  13. Suleiman - This Arabic surname is derived from the English name “Solomon.” It means “man of peace.”

Religious Syrian Surnames

  1. Abdallah/Abdullah - This Arabic name has the meaning “servant of God.” It is the Romanized version of “Abd Allah.”
  2. Aziz - This name is derived from the Arabic word “Azza” and it means “strong” or “powerful.”
  3. Baghdadi - This is an Arabic surname to show that someone comes from Baghdad. Hence the meaning “from Baghdad.”
  4. Bilal - This is the name of one of the 10 companions of Muhammed. They were the first Islamic caller to prayer.
  5. Ebeid - This surname is of Egyptian Arabic origin and is mostly found in Africa. It means “devoted servant of God.”
  6. Ghulam - This is an Arabic last name of Muslim origin and it means “servant.”
  7. Hamdi - The last name of Arabic origin, “Hamdi” means “one who deserves praise.”
  8. Ibrahim - This is the Arabic version of the Hebrew name “Abraham.” It means “father of many.”
  9. Karim - This is the name of one of the Gods of Islam in the Quran. It is Arabic for “honorable.”
  10. Mohammed/Muhammed - This surname is derived from the prophet of Islam. It means “holy” or “praised one.”
  11. Osman - This name is actually of Turkish origin. It is the Turkish form of the Arabic name “Uthman.” It is the name of one of the 10 companions of Muhammed.
  12. Rafiq - This Muslim surname is derived from the Arabic word “Rafiq” which means “friend” or “comrade.”
  13. Yasin - This name translates to “a divine address to the Prophet Muhammed.” It is more commonly seen as a first name.
  14. Yusuf - A Persian and Arabic last name, “Yusuf” means “God increases.”

Other Popular Syrian Surnames

  1. Abadi - This is a Muslim Arabic last name that means “endless” or “eternal.”
  2. Abdul - Commonly used as a part of the surname “Abdullah,” this Arabic name means “servant.”
  3. Amin - Derived from a personal name, “Amin” is Muslim for “honest” and “obedient.”
  4. Badawi - Seen mainly in Egypt, this surname is Arabic for “Bedouin.”
  5. Bakir - This last name is Arabic for “coming early” or Turkish for “copper.”
  6. Bashar - The meaning of this surname is “bringing good news” in Arabic.
  7. Gaddafi - This is an Arabic surname and also a given name found mostly in Africa. It means “overthrower.”
  8. Hadi - Most common in Indonesia, this surname is Arabic, Persian, and Urdu for “guide.”
  9. Hadid - This surname originated in Iraq. It is of Arabic origin and it means “iron.”
  10. Jalal - This is an Islamic last name or given name that means “majesty” in Arabic.
  11. Rahim - This is both an Arabic surname and a personal name. It means “merciful.”
  12. Taleb - This Muslim Arabic name means “student” and is sometimes seen as a given name.

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