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Updated April 28, 2022

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Kurdish names are not too popular in the Middle East and Asia. The Kurds are a small population that resides in other countries such as Iraq, Iran, and Turkey as some examples. This is what makes them so diverse. If you have ancestors from Kurdistan, then you may find your last name below. You can also read a bit about the Kurds’ history.

History of Kurdish Surnames

Kurdistan is a country that consists of 4 regions and this is the reason why you will see several cultures reflected in the names that Kurds choose. The regions are Northern Kurdistan or Southeastern Turkey, South Kurdistan or Northern Iraq, Eastern Kurdistan or Northern Iran, and Western Kurdistan or Northern Syria. The Kurdish language is of Iranian origin. Many Middle Eastern names have gained popularity in countries all across the world, not just in Asia.

Kurdish Naming Traditions

Kurdish names are often chosen based on Arabic practices. Some Kurds who lived in Turkey have surnames based on where they live or their tribe. It is common for Turks in Kurdistan to also adopt their grandfather’s given name as a last name. Women do not take their husband’s last name after marriage but their child will take on his family name.
Persian names were also common and they were created by adding suffixes to reflect their family’s origin.

Popular Kurdish Last Names

  1. Ardehi - This is an ancient Persian name that was used by one of the royal families on the Mount of Zagros before the Islamic conquest of Persia.
  2. Baran - This surname is of Persian and Kurdish origin and it means “rain.”
  3. Barzani - Thie Iraqi Kurdish name is of Russian and Georgian origin. It is derived from the city of Barzan.
  4. Ceylant - This last name of Turkish origin means “gazelle.”
  5. Filipi - This name of Greek origin means “lover of horses.”
  6. Guli - This surname has several origins including Kurdish, Albanian, Urdu, Bosnian, and Pashto. It means “flower” or “rose” and is often used by Armenian or Persian people.
  7. Hossein - In Arabic, “Hossein” means “handsome” or “beautiful.”
  8. Ibrahem - This is the Arabic form of the Hebrew name “Abraham.” It means “father of many.”
  9. Karimi - This popular family name in Iran is of Muslim origin and is derived from the personal name “Karim.”
  10. Khaledian - This name is common in the Iranian Kurdistan province. Its meaning is unknown.
  11. Kul - This Kurdish last name has several origins including Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, and Thai. It means “flower.”
  12. Mohammadi - This Arabic and Persian surname are derived from the holy prophet “Mohammad.”
  13. Pedrad - This Iranian surname means “leader.” It was used to easily identify Muslim leaders.
  14. Rashidi - This name of Arabic origin means “true faith.”
  15. Sahin - This surname is derived from Persian. It means “hawk” in Turkish.
  16. Sharifi - This Muslim surname means “wealthy” and was commonly used among Afghans and Iranians.
  17. Simko - This last name is derived from the Hebrew personal name “Shimeon.” It means “one who harkens.”
  18. Yousefi - This Persian patronymic name means “son of Joseph.”
  19. Zaman - This name of Arabic origin means “person of the era.”
  20. Zandi - This Persian surname is popular in Iran. It means “defender of men.”
  21. Zarei - This Iranian last name is an occupational name for “farmer.”
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