Meaning and Origin of: Sada

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Japanese : Pure one

Family name origins & meanings

  • Spanish (of Basque origin) : Castilianized variant of Basque Zare, a habitational name from Zare, a town in Navarre.
  • Southern Italian : derivative of the Arabic personal nameSa‛ad, meaning ‘good fortune’, ‘prosperity’ (seeSaad).
  • Japanese : variously written, usually with characters meaning ‘help’ and ‘rice paddy’, and more usually pronounced ‘sata’. It is a common place name throughout Japan. Some bearers of the surname have Minamoto connections.
  • Polish : occupational name for a fruit grower or topographic name for someone who lived by an orchard, from a derivative of Polish sad‘orchard’ or sadzić ‘to plant’.
  • Polish (Sąda) : occupational name for a court official, from Polishsądzić ‘to judge’ or sąd ‘court of justice’.