Meaning and Origin of: Quick

Boy name origins & meanings

  • American : Fast, remarkable

Family name origins & meanings

  • English, German, and Dutch : nickname for a lively or agile person, from Middle English quik, Middle High Germanquick, Middle Dutch quic ‘alive’, ‘lively’, ‘fresh’.
  • English : habitational name for someone who lived at a place called Cowick (notably one in Devon), denoting an outlying dairy farm, from Old English cūwīc, from ‘cow’ +wīc ‘outlying settlement’.
  • Cornish : habitational name from Gweek in the parish of Constantine, named from Cornishgwyk, which may have meant either ‘village’ or ‘forest’, or a topographic name from the same word.
  • English : topographic name for someone who lived by a place overgrown with couch grass (Old Englishcwice).