Meaning and Origin of: Priddy

Family name origins & meanings

  • Welsh : Anglicized form of Welsh ap Rhiddid ‘son of Rhiddid’, a personal name of unexplained etymology.
  • Welsh : Anglicized form of ap Redith ‘son of Redith’, a short form of Meredith; the short form occurs only in this Anglicized spelling.
  • Welsh : from the personal name Predyr, Peredur (perhaps from Old Welsh peri ‘spears’ + dur ‘hard’, ‘steel’), which was borne, in Arthurian legend, by one of the knights of the Round Table.
  • Welsh : occupational name, from Welsh prydydd ‘bard’.
  • English : habitational name from Priddy in Somerset, named probably with Celtic words meaning ‘earth house’.