Meaning and Origin of: Mole

Family name origins & meanings

  • English : nickname for someone supposedly resembling a mole (the burrowing mammal), Middle English mol(le) (from Dutch or Low German mol), for example in having poor eyesight.
  • English : nickname for someone with a prominent mole or blemish on the face, from Middle English mole (Old English māl).
  • English : from an Old English masculine personal name, Moll.
  • English : from Old Norse moli ‘crumb’, ‘grain’, possibly a nickname for a small man.
  • French : metonymic occupational name for a knife grinder or a maker of whetstones, from a variant of meule ‘whetstone’, ‘grindstone’, ‘millstone’.
  • Italian : variant of Mule.
  • Slovenian : probably a nickname for a extremely religious man, from mole ‘zealot’, a derivative of moliti ‘to pray’.