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Meaning and Origin of: Kelsey

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Girl name origins & meanings:

  • Old English : River landing place
  • Scottish : Brave; ship island
  • Scandinavian : Ceol's island; beautiful island; from the ship's island; shipping harbor
  • Scottish : Brave; ship island

Boy name origins & meanings:

  • Scandinavian : Island of ships
  • English : Island

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Family name origins & meanings:

  • English : habitational name from North or South Kelsey in Lincolnshire, so named from Cēol, an Old English personal name, or alternatively from an unattested Old Scandinavian word, kæl ‘wedge-shaped piece of land’, + ēg ‘island’, ‘area of dry land in a marsh’.
  • Possibly also an Americanized form of German Gelzer.
  • William Kelsey was one of the founders of Hartford, CT, (coming from Cambridge, MA, with Thomas Hooker) in 1635.

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