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Updated June 9, 2019

Family name origins & meanings

  • French : from the Germanic personal name Drago, a short form of Dragwald, composed of the elements drag- ‘to carry’ + wald ‘power’, ‘rule’.
  • French and English (of Norman origin) : nickname or occupational name for someone who carried a standard in battle or else in a pageant or procession, from Middle English, Old French dragon ‘snake’, ‘monster’ (Latin draco, genitive draconis, from Greek drakōn, ultimately from derkesthai ‘to flash’). This word was applied in Late Latin to military standards in the form of windsocks, so resembling snakes.
  • Polish and Ukrainian : from dragon ‘dragoon’.
  • Polish, Jewish (from Poland), and Ukrainian : from Polish dragon ‘dragoon’. As a Jewish name it is of ornamental origin
  • New England form of French D’Aragon (see Deragon).
  • Francois D’Aragon ‘dit La France’ married Marie Guillemet in 1697. They are the ancestors of all the Dragons in VT.

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