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Updated June 9, 2019

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Hebrew : Swift, strong
  • Old French : Forested town

Boy name variations

Family name origins & meanings

  • Reduced form of Dutch Van den Bos, a variant of the topographic name Vandenbosch.
  • South German and French : from the Germanic personal name Boso (see Boos).
  • French (central France) : variant of Bois.
  • Hungarian (Bős) : from a pet form of the old secular personal name .
  • Hungarian : habitational name for someone from a place called Bős, formerly in Pozsony county, Hungary, now part of Slovakia.
  • Hungarian (Bós) : from the old Magyar secular name Bós.
  • Polish (Boś) : from a pet form of the personal names Bolesław or Bogusław.

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