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Updated June 9, 2019

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Hebrew : To choose

Girl name variations

Family name origins & meanings

  • Scottish : habitational name from Bara, the name of an old manor and parish in East Lothian.
  • Polish, Czech, and Slovak (Bára) : from a reduced vernacular form of the Latin personal name Bartolomaeus, Polish Bartłomiej, Czech Bartoloměj (see Bartholomew),
  • Hungarian : from a short form of the personal name Barabás (see Barabas).
  • French : nickname for a quarrelsome or deceitful person, from Old French barat ‘commerce’, ‘dealings’, a derivative of barater ‘to barter’. Compare Barratt.
  • Aragonese : habitational name from Bara in Uesca province, Aragon.
  • Catalan (Barà) : respelling of Catalan Berà in Tarragona, Catalonia (see Bera).

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