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Updated June 9, 2019

Family name origins & meanings

  • French : from a pet name derived from the personal name Babylas; it was the name of patriarch of Antioch who was beatified in the 3rd century.
  • Jewish (from Belarus) : metronymic from the personal name Babe.
  • Jewish (from Belarus) : habitational name from Babino, a village in Belarus.
  • Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish (Babyn) : metronymic or patronymic from baba ‘grandmother’, ‘old woman’, either meaning son of an old woman or a nickname denoting a fussy man.
  • Serbian : nickname from baba ‘grandmother’ or babo ‘father’.
  • A bearer of the name Babin from the Poitou region of France was documented in Montreal in 1691, with the secondary surname Lacroix. A secondary surname of Lasource is documented with a family from the Maine region.

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