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Strollers are one of those things you have to give some serious thought to when buying baby gear. You need to consider your own personal needs and not just select one on a whim, especially since it can be a big investment. The Maclaren Volo stroller has been around for a long time and people really like the reliability of this brand. The Volo weighs under 9 lbs....less than some newborn babies! It's a breeze to transport and easy to maneuver, and for the price it could be a really good choice. Watch for my complete review!


Hi everyone, Melissa here welcome to CloudMom. We're at Alby Baby looking at strollers. This is such an important thing to think about in terms of how you're going to get the baby around and what your personal needs are. So there's so many options and this is really a great option I have in front of me now.

This is the Maclaren Volo stroller. This has been around a long, long time. People like Maclaren, they like the reliability of the Maclaren brand. Okay, a couple really important things about this stroller. This stroller will take your baby from 6 months all the way to 55 pounds. It's very, very light it weighs under 9 pounds. So it's one of the lightest strollers in the marketplace. I'm going to quickly look at some of the features of this Volo stroller.

Okay, it has a very generous, nice sun canopy here that can really spread out wide. The way you lock it in place is by pushing down here. Here's how you're going to get this stroller to collapse. This is your break it's also what's going to allow you to collapse your stroller.

When you want to collapse your stroller you're going to push up a little bit on this break and then you're going to put your foot right there on this little black piece and you're going to press it down and you're going to press the handlebars in and collapse the stroller like this, watch. That's it.

This is 9 pounds people, I mean c'mon, you cannot argue with that - so light.

When I want to release the stroller I'm going to go here to the safety latch, I'm going to unlogged it and I'm going to just throw it out into position like this. Sort of just loosen it up like that and then you put your foot here and you press down on the break to get the stroller back into place- make sure it clicks.

Okay, couple other things. You do have a 5-point harness here. Some people feel the back is a little bit flimsy. It doesn't have a ton of support, but in most cases they do find that it is adequate.

Here is the latch. It's similar to what you will find on other Maclaren strollers. Some people will find this to be a bit sticky. Really what you need to do is you need to press in both from the back and from the front using your thumb and your forefinger and do this at the same time like this okay, hold in and press. That's how it works.

Okay, what do people say about the Maclaren Volo? What do they like about the stroller? And what are some of the things that people would prefer would be different?

The recline, a lot of people talk about the recline. This is not an umbrella stroller that gives you the possibility of having your baby both in an upright position and in recline. So keep that in mind.

Number 2, cushioning you doesn't have a lot of extra padding here. What you have is one piece of very stable fabric to hold your baby in place so that's something to think about.

The other thing that people look at and talk about is the storage. I actually think this is quite good storage. This basket is fairly generous for an umbrella stroller. You can fit quite a few things in here.

And the canopy, the canopy of very popular it's very generous for an umbrella stroller of this type so your baby will get lot sun coverage with this canopy. There are strollers that are more high end and highly priced that go down even further than this, but this is a pretty good canopy especially for the price.

Okay, very versatile stroller, very easy to transport, easy to maneuver, it's got that wonderful shoulder strap and that for $100 to $130 it might be a really, really great bet for you so consider it. I've had a Maclaren since 2005 for 5 babies I've never had an issue, never broken, I'm very happy with it so I do think it's a good brand.

So thank you so much for joining CloudMom and I really look forward to seeing you again.

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