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I've seen a lot of lightweight strollers, and for my money, the Chicco C6 is a great option without too many bells and whistles. If you think an umbrella stroller is the most practical choice for your lifestyle, I think this stroller is fabulous! The C6 has exactly what you need - no more, no less. And at under $100, you could purchase it as an on-the-go supplement to a full-featured stroller without breaking the bank.


Hi everyone, Melissa here at CloudMom back at Albee Baby on the upper west side of the Big Apple talking strollers today. What do you need? What do you not need? What is the most practical thing for you given your lifestyle?

What I have here in front of me here is actually one of my favorite strollers. It is a Chicco, some people say Chicco but it’s actually Chicco C6 2012 stroller. It can take your baby from between 6 all the way to 36 months and up to 37 Lbs. The way I like to think about this stroller is it has exactly what you need – no more, no less. I think it's fabulous. And it prices out between $70 and $80 so really if you're a simply person that doesn't want to fuss with a lot of bells and whistles, this might be right stroller for you. Let's quickly go through how this works.

Okay, number one- two breaks, one for each set up back wheels. These are classic wheels but they are sturdy. They work by just pushing them down like this. You can see I have sandals on and it's fine.

Number two; this is how you're going to collapse this stroller. It has a little piece here you can find it by this red button. You need to push this piece out with your foot and then you need to push it up and then you're going to push the stroller forward to collapse it. So it's going to come out like this and then you're going to move it up. And I'm going to show you with my foot.

So I go out like that, I go up like that, and I push it forward, click. Here's the little latch which indicates to me that my stroller's collapse. This is very, very light.

Okay, for those of you who have started to get to know me, know that I'm not the strongest person and this is no trouble at all for me to lift. I've got the shoulder strap like this so I can carry this if I've got bags or other things. It's really pretty easy.

Okay, I'm going to uncollapse I'm going to show you the under basket storage. Now in order to get this safety piece to unlock, sometimes you have to push it in a little bit here and then that easily unlatches like that and then you just sort of shake it out into position and you push down on the stroller right here on the back with your foot, like that, boom - not difficult.

Okay, a couple other things. I think this is really nice basket, it's not super easy to access because you have to go through this little cross metal area here, but it's pretty, pretty sufficient. The recline feature on the Chicco is very, very easy. All you need to do is unzip here and you have two positions: a more upright position and a reclined position for your baby. It's not a full recline, it's a partial recline, but pretty good. You can snap it here so that your baby's protected from the sun in the back, snaps there.

Okay, here's the canopy -it's not the most protective canopy that goes all the way down. If you have a pretty small baby, I think you can always throw a burp cloth over there as long as you have ventilation on the sides. This is what I did for my babies before they had these huge canopy's that are so great.

Okay, you've got a nice 5-point harness here. It clips in here like this. This is more of a traditional clip. What you do is you take this upper piece, you push it in, it clips onto there, and then this piece clips right in there, like that.

Okay, and then when you want to unloosen it you have to push in here with both fingers from the sides. So you push in like that and you unloosen it on both sides so this is not the easiest, but it's totally fine. So that's the way that works.

Okay, so this stroller is only $70-$80. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like a single handle bar and some of the other things, but it is something that's very popular, very reasonably priced. Let's talk about some of the reviews and things that people have said about this stroller that have used it.

The Chicco C6 does not have a huge storage area underneath, it has this basket - some people wish that it were a bit more generous. Second, the recline feature - it does recline but it only has 2 reclining positions so it's not going to get your baby into a fully reclined position. And finally, it does not come with a drink cup holder so keep that in mind if that's important to you.

But all in all, for a stroller that's priced within $70-$80 what you'll get with this is a nice sturdy stroller with a decent canopy, good maneuverability, easy to collapse, and very lightweight to transport so I really think it's a great thing to consider. It's one of my favorite strollers.

So anyway, thanks for joining CloudMom and see you all next time!

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