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Toddler Sleep

Is your toddler catching enough zzzs? Get tips to make bedtime a little more dreamy.

6 Tricks to Help Your Toddler or Preschooler Go to Bed (and Stay There!)

Has bedtime turned into an all-out battle of wills between you and your child? If getting your little one to sleep has become a nightly struggle, or if sleep is elusive now that he's in a new big-kid bed, has a new sibling, or had another big change, try these tricks from our readers to help him (and you) catch some ZZZZZ's. And don't forget to leave your own tips in our comment section! read more

8 Essential Products to Help Babies & Toddlers Sleep

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night or to get your toddler to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) at bedtime? Check out these helpful and soothing sleepy-time products that some other parents swear by. read more

Are Nightmares Possible Before the Age of One?

The chances of a child younger than one year being woken up by what we term nightmares are slim to none. read more

Bed Wetting in Five-Year-Old

Nighttime bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) is common among children age six and younger. read more

Bed-Wetting Medication

Bed-wetting medication is only a temporary solution. Find out what else you can do to resolve bedwetting. read more

Dealing with Night Terrors

Night terrors tend to subside as your child gets older, without any medication. It's uncommon for night terrors to reoccur frequently or for long periods of time. Your son's pediatrician may suggest management options, if needed. read more

Dealing with Your Toddler's Sleep Disturbances

Dealing with Your Toddler's Sleep Disturbances Q-tip Many bedtime routines can be applied to naptime. But going to sleep when the sun is shining is different from going to sleep at night. You can give your child a naptime sleeping bag that she can plop down on the couch, on your bed, or even on the floor when it's naptime. If you try to make naptime a special time for your child, she may even lie down willingly. read more

Does Your Child Wet the Bed? How to Help Him Stop

Does Your Child Wet the Bed? How to Help Him StopIf your child wets the bed, you know how frustrating it can be to change the sheets in the middle of the night, and soothe your frustrated and embarrassed child back to sleep. However, as much these nighttime disruptions may feel like nightmares, it is important for you and your child to remember that this is something he will learn to control eventually and will most likely outgrow.Bedwetting is a common problem and is usually the result of a delay or slowness in development. read more

Five-Year-Old Bed Wetter

When a child backslides into bed wetting, you may need to sort out the motivation for her behavior. read more

Five-Year-Old Still Wetting Bed

You may feel that your child is too old to still be wetting the bed. In fact, about 20 percent of five-year-olds and 10 percent of six-year-olds wet the bed at least monthly. read more

Four-Year-Old Wets the Bed

Once your child is interested in overcoming his bedwetting, two guiding principles apply: work with him and protect his self-esteem. read more

Four-Year-Old Won't Sleep in His Bed

Transitioning from the family bed to sleeping in your own bed in another room can be and usually is a major adjustment for a youngster. read more

Getting a Child to Sleep in Her Own Bed

Our expert provides advice on helping a child make the transition from her parents' bed to her own. read more

Getting Your Three-Year-Old to Bed

Getting Your Three-Year-Old to Bed Q-tip You might want to establish a rule that your preschooler can't get out of bed except to go to the bathroom. But make sure that your child has a way to communicate with you if she needs a cup of water, and so on. Use an intercom or baby monitor. Or leave the door slightly ajar. read more

Getting Your Toddler to Sleep at Bedtime

Getting Your Toddler to Sleep at Bedtime Getting your one-year-old to go to bed is no easy task. Few self-respecting toddlers will go to bed without a fuss or a fight. Your child just has too much that she wants to do to welcome rest, no matter how reinvigorating it might prove. What's going on elsewhere around the house? Where are mommy and daddy? What am I missing? Such questions—even if not articulated—consume your toddler's feverish mind. read more

Head Banging

A pediatric neurologist or a doctor who treats childhood sleep problems should evaluate your seven-year-old. read more

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night: 7 Books Explain the Most Common Sleep Training Methods

How well does your baby sleep? Whether he screams at bedtime, frequently wakes up, or doesn't like to nap, it may seem like a good night's sleep (for everyone!) is something only dreams are made of. If you think sleep training might be the answer but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place. From cry-it-out to tear-free approaches, this list of books outlines the most popular sleep-training techniques. Before starting any sleep training method, talk to your pediatrician about your child's sleep needs. read more

My Bedtime Routine Checklist

Skip the stress with bedtime and help your child get into a bedtime routine. Print and check off each activity as your child prepares for a good night's sleep. As your child grows, use this bedtime routine checklist for older kids and this morning routine checklist for busy school days. read more

Nearly Four but Won't Sleep on His Own

The parent of a four-year-old is advised how to help her child learn to go to his own bed and fall asleep on his own. read more

Night Terrors

Based on your child's age (27 months), it sounds as though she is having only a mild sleep disturbance. read more


You never know what might give your child nightmares, but the solution is constant encouragement. read more

Nightmares or Night Terrors

Find out the difference between night (or sleep) terrors and nightmares, which are two separate parasomnias (sleep disturbances). read more

Nine-Year-Old Bed Wetter

Learn what you can do for a child that still bed wets at age nine. read more

Phobia Quiz

Find out all your phobias with this fun quiz! read more

Phobia Quiz: Part Three

Don't be afraid to take yet another Phobia Quiz... read more

Phobia Quiz: Part Two

Find out the technical names of your fears with this fun quiz! read more

Potty Training: All Through the Night

Potty Training: All Through the Night Staying dry throughout the night will not happen anywhere near as soon as daytime control. Give your child a break. After all, he's just starting to learn how to control his bowel and bladder during the day, when he's fully awake and conscious of his body's signals. It will take your toddler more time before he maintains control when he's unconscious, too. (Nighttime urination tends to occur during the deepest stages of sleep.) read more

Preschoolers and Bedwetting

Preschoolers and Bedwetting Childproofing Bedwetting may require professional evaluation if it is associated with: fever, painful urination; excessive thirst, loss of bowel control, or sudden onset with great frequency. read more

Problems Over Child's Bedwetting

There is more to this family problem than just your husband's responses to your daughter's nighttime bedwetting. read more

Recommended Sleep Needs By Age

Use this printable guide to help determine if your child is getting enough sleep as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. read more