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Marge Eberts, Ed.S

Doctor of Education

About Marge

Marge has been both a teacher and parent (and grandparent!) and uses the knowledge she has gained from both sides of the school gates to write over 100 books with Peggy Gisler, Ed.S. The books range from textbooks used by pupils across the US to "how to" guides for parents. Additionally, every week for 30 years, Marge and Peggy have used their syndicated newspaper column, ‘Dear Teacher’ to answer parents’ questions about schooling, and their website, ‘’ is a resource for parents worldwide who are concerned about issues such as dyslexia, grades, homework, and college admissions, to name a few. More recently, Peggy and Marge have developed several apps, including the Dear Teacher app and Word Family Readers: Skinny Books apps, which teach young children to read through rhyming word stories and games. Currently, Marge is a volunteer reading instructor in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Background and Experience

  • Master’s Degree, Secondary Education and Teaching, Stanford University

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise

Marge is one of Family Education's lead experts in literacy education and secondary education.

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