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Elizabeth Kanna

Contributing Editor-at-Large, Homeschooler Network

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a successful businesswoman who specializes in branding and marketing to help companies and individuals dominate their industries. Some of the projects Elizabeth has led include: rebranding Joe DiMaggio’s coffee company, creating award-winning Joltin’ Joe Coffee; creating and marketing best-selling books for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, (which have appeared on many TV networks), and appearing in magazines and newspapers, including the likes of Forbes and New York Post. Elizabeth has also served as a Homeschool Advisor and Consultant for Pearson, and she co-founded the first all-inclusive homeschooling site,, which Forbes magazine named in the top 45 websites in 2000. In addition, Elizabeth is the author of four books on education, including ‘Homeschooling For Success’.

Background and Experience

  • Certified by Steve Jobs iAcademy

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise

Elizabeth is Family Education expert on homeschooling and entrepreneurship/career skills.

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