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Diane Gould

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Diane Gould headshot

About Diane

Diane has over 40 years of experience providing therapeutic services to children and adults. She is able to provide a clinical approach to changing behavior while using brain science. Concerning behaviors result from underlying issues that need to be addressed. She knows from experience that behavior plans sit in drawers and file cabinets and are not used. They also are often ineffective as they only address the signal that there is a problem. Diane partners with individuals, parents, teachers and caregivers to come up with practical solutions to concerning behaviors by teaching skills and changing the environment. The stress is addressed which is communicated through behavior. The solutions reflect that what is observable is a neurological response to a perceived threat. Individuals don’t make a conscious choice to have challenging behavior. Her approach to behavior change is in no way traditional. These solutions are respectful, effective and sensible. 

Background Experience 

  • Founder, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) North America 

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise 

Diane is one of FamilyEducation's experts, medically reviewing articles relating to social work.

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