5 Fun Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls

Updated: February 12, 2020
5 Fun Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls
Toilet paper crafts paint holder
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I'm always looking for new ways to recycle—can you tell I've been watching too much Paw Patrol? Like the character Rocky says, "dont lose it, reuse it!" That certainly holds merit in our household. If you want a fun, easy way to recycle more, here are five crafts with toilet paper rolls to try!

1. Make Your Own Racecar

Toilet paper race car crafts

How awesome are these racecars? My son absolutely loves racecars and is always asking to get more. Well, this mama doesn't want to spend money on more cars when we already have so many. Enter this genius article over at Handimania. You can read step-by-step instructions on how to make these racecars. It's such a wonderful craft to do with your child, and they can take pride in making something from scratch.

2. Grow Your Own Plants

Toilet paper planter crafts

I like this idea because you can get rid of a lot of toilet paper rolls at once! Plus, you don't need many things: soil, seeds, a marker, scissors, and a box to hold your plants. I found this how-to over at Burlap & Denim to be helpful. It's so much fun to check on your plants every day, and my son LOVES to help, so this is right up his alley. We are trying some veggies this week to hopefully transfer outside once it's warm enough. My wish is that if my son plants the veggies himself, he'll finally eat them...hah.

3. Bright Rocketships

Toilet paper rocketships crafts

We are big into spaceships in our house, mainly due to Curious George and his space travel adventure. These homemade spaceships are great toys to make and play with. At first they looked a bit intimidating to me (what's cardstock anyway?), but I promise you, it's fairly simple.

You'll need: cardstock, paint, star stickers, scissors, glue, tape, and toilet paper rolls. Here is a wonderful tutorial that I recommend printing so you can follow along as you go.

4. Quick and Easy Paint Stamps

I love this craft because it's so basic, but so satisfying for little hands. Plus, I love how the author at Rust & Sunshine used the finished product to make homemade cards. All you need is a toilet paper roll, paper, and paint. I let my son improvise with this and I loved how homemade it looked. This is an especially good craft for young kiddos.

Toilet paper heart shaped paint stamps crafts

5. Homemade Bird Feeder

This craft is a win for our whole family! Kids will have lots of fun collecting some of the ingredients because the outdoors are involved.

You'll need: sticks, toilet paper rolls, birdseed, glue, a hole puncher (scissors can also work), string, and nut butter. This Honey & Lime article will walk you through the building process. We did this craft with my son and nephew, and they had so much fun! We check the feeder each day and have had to make a new one because the birds love it!

Toilet paper bird feeder crafts
I hope this little roundup of crafts with toilet paper rolls provides you with some inspiration for your own at-home crafts (that are almost free). We would love to see your projects below!