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Tools for LD Children

Students with learning disabilities or difficulties can benefit from using some basic tools. Find out which school supplies and other tools can help your child with LD.

45 Years Old and Can't Spell

Learn where you can go to find out about organizations that focus on adult literacy. read more

6 Strategies to Help Your Child with LD Succeed

If you have a child with a learning disability, you know how hard it can be to get him excited about schoolwork. Check out these tips and strategies from our readers that will help your child accomplish his goals, and encourage him to go that extra mile. read more

ADD: The Game Plan

ADD: The Game Plan As a former high school coach, I couldn't leave you without a game plan. Your opponent is attention deficit disorder. Because ADD can attack and impact on your child's life in a variety of ways, I've provided assessment tools to help you determine the best game plan (or plans) for your child. ADD affects children and adults in six areas, so I've designed defenses for each of them. read more

At School: Ways to Help Your Children Help Themselves

At School: Ways to Help Your Children Help Themselves read more

Attention Training Games

Attention Training Games Here are five simple games you can play with your child to build visual- and auditory-attention skills. The games are designed to improve your child's attentional processes by being more specific than other attentional tasks. They may also reveal information that could be helpful in other situations, such as your child's classroom. However, these games are not intended to provide a "treatment program." Attentional disorders are far too complex to be addressed by game-like tools. What You Need read more

Books and Learning Software for Kids with LD

Learn how to find books and learning software to teach your LD child when school isn't in session. read more

College and LD Services

Do colleges provide any assistance to students with LD? read more

College Planning for Kids with ADD

Find tips for helping a teen with ADD plan for college. read more

Colleges for Students with LD

There are many opportunities available for the young adult with learning disabilities who would like to pursue studies beyond high school. read more

High-School Grad with LD Wants to Go to College

A high-school graduate with LD and a third-grade reading and writing level wants to know how he can get into college. read more

How to Give Directions

How to Give DirectionsThese tips for parents will help your child understand and follow through on your instructions. Get your child's attention directly before giving directions. This means face-to-face and direct eye-contact (not just calling out what you expect your child to do). read more

How to Help Your LD Child

Don't despair because your child is having trouble learning. Instead, figure out what you can do to help. read more

How to Rewrite Effectively

How to Rewrite EffectivelyRewriting is probably the most important part of the writing process. I can guarantee you that if you take this next step with your child, they will receive at least one letter grade higher than if they stopped right at a first draft. It is important to realize, however, that your child will, most likely, not be excited about rewriting. And nor should they. read more

How to Take Better Notes

How to Take Better NotesRule number one: There are no rules! Kids' minds work in different ways, and their notes should reflect those differences. You can help your child become an independent learner -- and a great note taker -- by encouraging her to think about how she thinks. Then she can figure out the note-taking methods and tricks that will work best for her. Set her on the right course with these four guiding principles: Principle 1: Your Language and Attitude Matters read more

LD and the GED

Find advice on how to help a child with LD prepare for the GED. read more

Resources for Books on Tape

Discover an inexpensive resource for blind and dyslexic children. read more

Special-Education Resources for Older Teens

Discover some excellent special-education resources for working with teens. read more

Trouble with Spelling and Reading

There are lots of people and programs that can help someone with a learning disability that affects spelling and reading. read more