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Birthparent and Adoptive Parent Relations

Manage your relationship with care.

Adoption: Birthparent Rights

Adoption: Birthparent Rights The laws governing birthparents' rights and responsibilities differ widely from state to state. Birthfather rights, in particular, are all over the map, although a few highly public court battles in the late twentieth century caused states to recognize the rights of birthfathers. Here is a small sampling of birthparent issues that different states handle differently: read more

Adoption: Meeting a Birthmother

Adoption: Meeting a BirthmotherSome agencies or attorneys (or other adoption arrangers) think it's a good idea for a woman to meet the people who want to adopt her child. Some arrangers recommend a meeting on a first-name basis, whereas others favor full disclosure of both first and last names. read more

Adoption: When Problems Occur with Birthparents

Adoption: When Problems Occur with Birthparents Although your relationship with the birthparents may start out great, sometimes problems develop later on. Keep in mind that relationships with family members (including one's own parents) are sometimes strained, so it shouldn't be surprising if problems occasionally surface with an open adoption. read more

Adoptive Parent Rights

Adoptive Parent Rights Adopterms To finalize an adoption means to go to court before a judge to receive legal permission and recognition that the child is yours. There are also several other adoption issues affecting adoptive parents that are handled differently by different states. Here are a few of them: read more

Birthmothers Who Change Their Minds About Adoption

Birthmothers Who Change Their Minds About AdoptionProbably the most intensely felt fear of adopters is that the birthmother will make an adoption plan—and then flip-flop and decide to raise the child herself. read more

Prenatal Adoption Information

Prenatal Adoption Information If the child you're planning to adopt isn't yet born, whatever information you can gain about the pregnant woman and about the child's prenatal condition is important. Researchers are discovering that prenatal conditions have an enormous impact on children's later mental and physical development. Here are a few questions to ask about prenatal conditions that can affect a child: read more

The Birthfather's Role in Adoption

The Birthfather's Role in Adoption Adopterms A birthfather is a man who, with a woman, conceives a child who is later adopted or for whom an adoption is planned. He may also be called the biological father. A putative father is a man who is alleged to be the birthfather, usually by the birthmother. He may or may not verify that he is in fact the father. read more

When Birthparents Choose Adoption

When Birthparents Choose Adoption Real Life Snapshots Diane, a woman in her late twenties, learned she was pregnant even though she had used birth control. Because she decided against abortion, her co-workers assumed she'd become a single mom. But Diane assured them that adoption was her plan. read more