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  • Milestones

    Seven years and some months ago I was sitting on a love seat in our apartment in upstate New York, jiggling L. on my knees.  The sun was shining ... read more

  • One Week, Two Milestones

    We’ve hit two milestones in one week, both of which have thrilled me to the core, yet quite different. The first may not mean that much to you (esp... read more

  • Mental milestones

    You know how growth spurts in kids are always marked by physical and psychological changes? Sleeping through the night--or its converse, night waking?... read more

  • 29 vs. 480 Months

    K-Man ate dinner last night at the table. No booster seat. Just hanging out with his plate, fork, sippy cup and eating like the rest of us. Holy crap.... read more