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Outdoor Games for Parties

Outdoor Games for Parties

Take the fun outdoors! There are many memorable outdoor party games to play at a child's party. Here are just a few.

Red Rover

Red Rover is best played outside for a summertime party. It requires a lot of space and room to run.


The Athlete or Outdoor Girl

The Athlete or Outdoor Girl

If your girl has some or a lot of athletic ability, you are again fortunate because there so many opportunities for her to practice what she likes. Whether it is tae kwon do, soccer, or lacrosse, you should be glad your girl can find something she is passionate about.

Updated: May 15, 2019
Updated: January 26, 2022

5 Healthy Family Activities to Try in 2022

Healthy Family Taking Walk Outside

My little family had lots of fun ringing in 2022. There was popcorn, noisemakers, and dancing. After my son went to bed, my husband and I enjoyed champagne followed by a bedtime before midnight. I guess we're officially old! Before sadly passing out around 11, we did chat about family activities that we plan to try during long New England winters. Here are our favorites!

Updated: March 9, 2022

19 Easter Activities and Crafts for the Whole Family

19 Easter Activities

Hey peeps! As we enter into Holy Week you may be looking for some fun Easter activities to enjoy with your family. While almost everyone's Easter traditions involve the obvious egg hunt, we have some eggcellent Easter fun that the whole family can enjoy! Check out this mix of indoor and outdoor games and activities for kids of all ages to include in your Easter celebration!

Updated: June 26, 2019

8 Awesome Activities to Fight Cabin Fever

Snowmand Holding Bouquet of Sticks

Not another snow day! When cabin fever sets in, it helps to have an arsenal of age-appropriate activities to keep your kids occupied (and your sanity intact!).

Indoor activities

When the weather is fine and you actually have some free time, stock up on dollar store items like markers, stencils, and clay. Things your kids may never touch when they can do anything they please suddenly become more attractive on a snow day.

Wet Footprints

Wet Footprints


  • 10 to 20 minutes


  • Brown paper shopping bags
  • Shallow pan of water


  1. This is an easy outdoor activity that provides a fun way to learn about the feet and the length of stride. Cut the paper bags at the seam so that they can be spread out flat.
  2. Step into the water with bare feet and walk across the paper bag, leaving footprints.
  3. Watch as they evaporate and disappear.


Updated: June 26, 2019

7 Fun Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids

Cinco de Mayo Fun Activities for Kids

Introduce your kids to an exciting and empowering part of history with these fun Cinco de Mayo activities!

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Celebrated on the May 5, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the triumph of a small Mexican army over French forces in 1862. The victory at the "Batalla de Puebla" (Battle of Puebla) proved to the world that the Mexican people could not be conquered. The holiday is celebrated each year as a reminder that patriotism, courage, and inner strength can overcome any challenges.