Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Teenagers (Ages 14-18)


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Does your teenager have a birthday coming up? Do you have no idea what to get him? Take our advice on birthday gifts that are likely to break through the outer layer of nonchalance and win you a grateful smile from your teenage boy or girl.

And don't forget to check out our rules and what to get and what not to get teens.

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Fire TV Stick
From Amazon
Price: $39.00

Is your teen a movie lover? Plug this into your TV's HDMI port and he'll get access to all his favorite movies and television series on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, Hulu Plus and more.(Subscriptions to each of these services not included.)

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Personalized iPhone Case
Personalized Phone Case
Price: $34.99

Personalize your teen's smartphone by showcasing a picture of her best friend, a favorite pet, a special quote, or even a memorable vacation on the case. It will make her phone unique (and protect it from scratches and dings!)

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SoundPeats Wireless Headphones
Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
From SoundPEATS
Price: $49.99

Wireless headphones with bluetooth capability are perfect for your music-loving, on-the-go teen. A USB charger allows for up to 5 hours of use and 145 hours on standby.

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Vans Personalized Sneakers
Vans Sneakers
From Vans
Price: Starting at $25.00

These trendy canvas sneakers have been around forever, and their popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. Choose from your teen's favorite colors or different prints and patterns for a unique look all his own.

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Luckies Scratch Map
Scratch Map
From Luckies
Price: $25.99

Now your traveling teen can show off everywhere she's been by simply scratching it off this map. It doubles as a cool wall hanging for her bedroom or dorm room, and is a sure-fire way to spark up a conversation.

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Detailed Design Adult Coloring Book
Patterned Coloring Book for Adults
From Lilt Kids
Price: $13.99

Coloring is not just for little kids anymore! If you've got an artsy teen who loves to doodle, an adult coloring book full of beautiful patterns and whimsical designs would be right up her alley. Add a set of high-quality colored pencils for a complete art-themed gift.

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sweet 16 gifts, Sodastream cool gift for teen
SodaStream Starter Kit
From SodaStream
Price: $99.95

Let's face it: kids love soda. Allow your teen to make his own fun flavors — with less sugar, and without the wasteful plastic bottles — using SodaStream's starter kit.

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Vera Bradley Large Straw Tote
Straw Beach Tote
From Vera Bradley
Price: $68.00

Every beachy teen needs the perfect tote to hold her sunscreen, towel, and sunglasses! This bag has an inner pocket for smaller valuables, and a sturdy base for easy unpacking.

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best teen birthday gifts, Nike iPod sport trainer kit
Nike+ Gift Pack
From Nike
Price: $33.95

If your teen is sporty and a music fan, this is the gift option for him. Nike+ shoes are designed for integration with your child's iPod, so that he can keep track of running data as well as listen to music.

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Options Gift Card
Gift Card
You can't go wrong with a gift card. Teen fashion is always evolving, so a gift card to a clothing store will help your teen keep her wardrobe fresh and fun.

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