The Top 5 Podcasts For Parents In 2019

Updated: May 29, 2020
Obsessed with podcasts? Here are our picks for the five best parenting podcasts in 2019.

Podcasts are perfect for so many parents. They are easily incorporated into various lifestyles from commutes, to late-night nursing sessions, to waiting in the pick-up line. These podcasts cover everything from pregnancy to parenthood to being the perfect partner.

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For New Parents

Tranquility Tribe Podcast with HeHe Stewart


The Tranquility Tribe Podcast is your go-to podcast for all things pregnancy, birth, and being a new mom! Hosted by a Maternity Concierge and Family Life Educator, the show dives into practical steps to mastering your mindset around having a baby and learning to care for a newborn. The Tranquility Tribe has revolutionized the way women give birth and what it means to “mom” these days! She has thought-provoking interviews with expert guests including Dr. Neel Shah, January Harshe, and The Vagina Whisperer, Sara Reardon. You will not want to start (or add to) your family before listening to The Tranquility Tribe Podcast!

For Emotional Development: Birth to Age 5

Voices of Your Village Podcast avatar


Voices of Your Village is a great resource for all parents who are interested in supporting the emotional development of their child. If you are mindful of your child’s reactions or have a child that is sensitive to their surroundings, this is the podcast for you. It features important topics for today’s society like how to raise empathetic humans, how to discuss race and gender with children, and how to promote body positivity through your the language in your home.

Intentional Parenting

Unruffled Podcast avatar


Unruffled, hosted by Janet Lansbury, is like the book on your nightstand that you refer to each morning and each night... and sometimes throughout the really tough days. It’s no exaggeration to say that this podcast may become your “parenting bible” if you prefer a parenting approach that is based in structure and respect. Janet presents the reasons behind your child’s behaviors, strategies to address it, and how to be mindful of your own emotions and mindset.

Finding Balance As A Parent

The Balance & Motherhood Podcast avatar


The Balance & Motherhood Podcast is “that podcast.” Host Sarah Bivens does not hold anything back. She goes there about all thing motherhood including jealousy, masturbation, and why it’s okay to simultaneously love and hate your child at the same time. Sarah brings humor to being a women and the ever chaotic journey to finding balance.

Marriage + Kids:

Rise Together Podcast avatar


Rachel and Dave Hollis host the Rise Together Podcast. The show is centered around their trials and tribulations as humans. From being parents, to keeping their relationship alive, to running businesses and beyond, they share all the corners of their lives. They have an incredible way of making you have a face-palm moment of realization while also showing yourself grace. Each episode is packed with heart-filled and unscripted advice.

No matter where you are on the parenting journey, you will find something for you somewhere in this list! These experts have riveting advice that will leave you feeling ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

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