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New Year's Picture Frame

Create this festive picture frame and give it to someone special as a New Year's gift.

New Year's Picture Frame

Seasonal Sense

You can buy a variety of textured sponges in craft stores or the craft section of discount stores. They come in different patterns or textures and in all shapes and sizes. These sponges create a unique effect on craft projects and can also be used to create a new look on a wall in your home.

Holiday Hints

If you liked making a New Year's picture frame, you might want to experiment with other holiday themes. You could buy flat wooden Christmas ornaments, paint them, and glue them onto a wooden frame. You could also use holiday stencils or stamps on a cardboard frame. Or, try your hand at decoupage by cutting pictures from old holiday cards, gluing them onto a wooden frame, and finishing it with a layer or two of varnish.

Display a holiday picture in this lovely New Year's picture frame. Start with an unfinished wooden frame, add some paint, glitter, and a family photo, and voilà—the perfect gift for Grandma!

Level: Easy

Time involved: Two to three hours including drying time


  • Newspapers or plastic
  • Unfinished wooden picture frame
  • Black, white, and silver craft paints
  • Foam plate
  • Paintbrushes
  • Two textured sponges
  • White glue
  • Silver glitter
  • Family photo
  1. Cover your work area with newspapers or plastic. Place the picture frame on the prepared surface. Squeeze about one tablespoon each of black, white, and silver craft paint onto the foam plate. Paint the frame white and allow to dry.

  2. Dip the textured sponge in black paint. Press the sponge in a pattern over the white frame. Add more paint to the sponge as necessary until the frame is covered and allow to dry.

  3. Dip the second textured sponge in the silver paint and press this on top of the black pattern on the top and left side of the frame. Allow the frame to dry.

  4. Write the year in white glue on the bottom of the frame. Sprinkle the silver glitter over the glue and allow to dry. Shake the excess glue off the frame.

  5. Place a family photo into the frame.

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