15 Ideas for Teen Birthday Gifts

Updated: March 2, 2021
Teens are SO difficult to shop for and it can be hard to keep up with all of the latest trends and fads. Here are our favorite teen birthday gifts that will never go out of style.
teen birthday gifts

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It can be a challenge to buy birthday gifts for teens as they leave the world of toys and play behind. Teens like to make their own choices, and self-expression is a priority for them. It is helpful to buy gifts that support their newly learned independence and their desire to make the world feel like their own. Teen birthday gifts that focus on the gifts of experience, personalization, and passions will show the teen in your life that you respect who she is and love seeing her grow as a person.

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Here are the top 15 birthday gifts for teens ages 14 - 18:

Teen Birthday Gifts Under $25

Photo Collages and Picture Frames

Let your teen surround herself with favorite memories and the faces of friends and loved ones. Fun picture frames and photo collage frames also allow for personalizing your teen’s space to make it really feel like her own. You can theme each collage by including a postcard with an inspiring message in the center with ideas like adventure, travel, sports, and fun.

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Sunglasses are a favorite accessory for changing styles, learning to drive, and vacationing. Whether they are being worn on the beach or on the ski slopes, your teen will agree that she can never have too many pairs of sunglasses.

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Vision Board Kit

Gift your teen the gift of dreaming and creating a vision of her future with a vision board kit. These supplies will help her create a visual representation of her biggest dreams and all she wants to work toward. It will allow her to identify goals and think about working toward them in a fun and creative way.

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Teen Birthday Gifts Under $50

Wireless Speaker

Teens love to listen to music and podcasts. The gift of a wireless speaker will allow them to share their music and favorite listens with friends. A small speaker can easily help them create the ambiance they are looking for no matter where they are.

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Your teen is living one of the most memorable times of her life, and it’s all worth documenting. A beautiful journal will encourage your teen to have a special place to keep her feelings, memories, and dreams.

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Charging Station

Your teen can organize and clear up her space for homework and activities when all of her devices are neatly being charged in a stylish charging station. Phones and tablets of multiple sizes can be stored and charged here.

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Personal Travel Map

Your teen will feel like the world is her oyster with a scratch off travel map to memorialize all of the places she has been as well as all of the places she dreams of visiting. Encourage her zest for adventure and plans to travel the world with this memento.

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Teen Birthday Gifts $50-$100

Bedroom Decor

Your teen’s bedroom has transformed from a place that is mostly for sleeping and dressing to a space for sharing time with friends and hanging out. By giving the gift of room decor, your teen can make the space conducive to having friends over and letting her personality really come through. Bean bag chairs, throw pillows, and colorful rugs can gift the space a welcoming feel.

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Museum Membership

Give your favorite teen the gift of access to a whole new world. A museum membership allows for exploration, education, and a place to visit on her own or with friends and family. It’s a gift that will show your teen that you see her as a young adult, and you can tailor the museum choice to your teen’s personality and interests whether it’s painting, sports, photography, and so much more. Many museums host specific activities and programs for teens which makes it that much more special.

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Gift Cards

Teens will never be disappointed by a gift card and the choice to buy whatever they would like. You can choose a gift card for a favorite store, mall, or movie theatre. The freedom and means to choose what they want will always be appreciated.

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Teen Birthday Gifts Over $100


Your teen has a unique perspective on the world, and capturing that viewpoint, as well as fun moments with friends and family is a favorite pastime. Through snapping quick pictures via their phones, teens may have developed a real eye for the world around them. Help them to take that gift to the next level with a real camera.

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Framed Art

Framed art to decorate your teen’s space will have your favorite teen feeling more grown up and will be a keepsake that may grace her walls for years to come. Capture your teen’s style and personality with your choice of art.

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Concert Tickets

A concert experience to see a favorite band or singer is a rite of passage for teens. Surprise your teen with this special experience and memory that will last a lifetime.

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Theatre Tickets

Provide your teen with a very special night out with theatre tickets. Whether it’s local theatre or a trip to the big city, a night out at an entertaining show is a wonderful bonding experience for you and your teen and it will be a memory to treasure.

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Teen Birthday Gifts Over $500


A laptop is an essential teenage tool for homework, social engagement, creativity, and exploration. Computers are now gateways for TV, movie, video, and gaming entertainment. Your teen can easily use her laptop at home, school, or on the go.

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Now that you’ve thought through all of the ways to make this birthday one to remember, you can make an educated selection. No matter what gift you choose, as long as you honor her individuality and pathway towards adulthood, your teen will love your gift and appreciate your efforts.

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