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The Best Easter Activities and Games for Kids and Families

Looking for fun activities to enjoy on Easter Sunday with your family (beyond the obvious egg hunt)? Check out this mix of indoor and outdoor games and activities for kids of all ages.
the best list of Easter games and activities for kids and families
Updated: December 1, 2022

Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

If you’re looking for Easter activities beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt to enjoy with your family on Easter Sunday, we’ve got a list that will make both your kids and the Easter bunny very happy! The whole family can take part in fun activities that range from Easter crafts to simple printables to Easter games and so much more. Easter is a time to celebrate new life, spring, and happy beginnings. This can be a rejuvenating holiday for the entire family.

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The best Easter activities for kids tend to tie in nature, egg decorating, and egg-cellent fun centered around the Easter basket. You can use the Easter basket as a starting point in the morning, and then build an entire day of Easter games and crafts for a creative Easter celebration that won’t soon be forgotten. Here are our top 15 favorite Easter activities for kids that will entertain the whole family throughout this special day.

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The Best Easter Activities for Kids

Perform a Science Experiment with Easter Peeps

Whether your kids are budding scientists or you simply want an excuse for the family to not devour too many Easter Peeps on Easter Sunday, using them for some STEM fun is a great idea! By placing several Peeps in individual containers or bowls, you can then cover each with a different kind of liquid to see how they react. Try water, vinegar, and soda to start, and then try smashing each with a fork to see what happens.

Have an Egg and Spoon Relay Race for the Whole Family

You can use plastic Easter eggs or hard-boiled Easter eggs if you’re looking for a way to put those decorated eggs into action. Having a relay race with eggs balancing on spoons is great for coordination skill development in toddlers and preschoolers. The relay aspect also keeps tender hearts from feeling badly if they don’t win a round since it’s a team effort rather than an individual effort.

Transform Into Easter Bunnies

It makes the Easter bunny so happy to see lots of little Easter bunny families in the world. Little ones will love pretend play when dressed as a bunny who can hide eggs throughout the house, yard, or park. Make Easter bunny ears and cottontails in advance for Easter craft fun!

Decorate Easter Egg Trees

This is a fun activity that can be done in the yard after you have glued loops of string to plastic Easter eggs. This activity has all the fun of Christmas tree decorating with signs of new life surrounding you. For little hands that may find hanging eggs a challenge, they can always decorate the hanging eggs with Easter stickers.

Have an Easter Dance Party

Dance parties are even more exciting when they incorporate the bunny hop and when you move the party outside in beautiful spring weather. Outdoor games are always appreciated after a long winter season.

Plant an Easter Garden

There’s no better way to celebrate Easter and new life than by starting a seed garden on Easter Sunday. Children take so much pride in growing their own gardens, and it’s a beautiful way to teach responsibility and healthy habits as well.

Play a Jelly Bean Guessing Game

Fill a jar of brightly colored jelly beans in advance. Family members can take turns guessing how many are in the jar with the closest guess achieving the win. For toddlers and preschoolers who can’t yet count very high, you can count the jelly beans out after in groups of 5 or 10 so they have the thrill of counting over and over again.

Visit a Farm or Zoo

Nothing says new life and new beginnings like seeing baby animals. It will bring the whole family so much joy to see baby animals at play at your local zoo or farm.

Play Easter Toss

Does your family love a game of ring toss, cornhole, or bean bag toss? You can play lots of fun variations of this game by tossing plastic Easter eggs or creating sturdy Easter bunny posters where the goal is to toss the bean bag through the bunny’s mouth or tummy.

Make Printable Easter Cards for the Whole Family

Little ones love to color and make gifts for others. These printable Easter egg cards are a perfect place to start.

Paint Easter Rocks

Go on a family hunt for rocks that are somewhat shaped like Easter eggs. Then you can have fun planning Easter egg designs and painting.

Make Easter Music

For a fun toddler Easter activity, have them fill Easter eggs with raw rice or jelly beans to create egg shakers. They can seal those eggs shut with Easter stickers and make music all day long with their new instruments.

Create Pasta Easter Eggs

Do you have leftover Easter egg dye? You can color regular pasta with the dye and then glue them on to hand drawn Easter eggs for a fun and textured Easter egg craft.

Read Books About Easter and Spring

When you all need some downtime, having a few new books delivered by the Easter bunny to curl up with can be very sweet. Books about the Easter bunny, baby animals, and springtime are always a hit.

Enjoy an Easter Piñata

Spend some time outside with an Easter piñata filled with your family’s favorite Easter treats. Easter candy is so much more fun when you’ve worked for it and it’s part of a game the whole family can enjoy!

The Best Easter Games for Kids

Easter morning always starts off with excitement. There’s Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets left by the Easter bunny to kick off the day, but what’s the best way to keep the whole family entertained on this special day once the morning excitement has ended? Easter games can rescue the rest of the day and provide hours of family fun. We’ve got 10 of the best Easter games listed below that can help you celebrate Easter both indoors and outdoors These Easter games just may be the perfect way to burn off all of that extra Easter candy energy too!

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Easter Bunnies Family Toss Game

This Easter toss game provides egg-cellent fun for the entire family, and it’s especially fun for large, multi-age gatherings! We love that this game is durable and can last for multiple years. Plus, it’s perfect for playing outside, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, it can still be played indoors.

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Easter Potato Sack Race

Who doesn’t love to bunny hop? Your whole family can step up their bunny hopping skills with this Easter potato sack race kit. Thes best part is that you can dress like a bunny as you race each other. The durable sacks allow all ages to participate, and the winner can be deemed the official family Easter bunny!

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Pin the Tail on the Bunny

It’s not a party without pin the tail on the bunny! You can’t beat a classic party game when it is themed for a holiday. There’s plenty included for everyone to enjoy, and your family and friends can play it inside or outside. We love that this is a game that never seems to get old!

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“Would You Rather?” The Easter Edition

“Would You Rather?” is such a fun way to pass the time for intergenerational groups, and it’s made that much more fun when completely focused on Easter. This game is the best for families who love to get silly, and it also brings out some of the best surprises just when you think you know all there is to know about your family!

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Inflatable Bunny Ears Ring Toss

Ring toss is a classic game that can be played indoors or outdoors, and it’s so much more fun when you are tossing rings on to Easter bunny ears! When the Easter egg hunt is over, this is an easy game to move to. Even the littlest of bunnies can play, and there are plenty of ways to make it more challenging for advanced bunnies.

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Rainbow Scratch Art Easter Eggs

Challenge your family to decorate your whole yard and beyond with this fun kit of rainbow scratch Easter eggs. With plenty of opportunity for creativity and bright colors that suddenly appear as you design, these easy-to-hang crafts will inspire your family to decorate all kinds of new places. They set the perfect tone for any Easter party!

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LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit

There’s nothing like the family bonding and hands-on learning that comes along with LEGO building! We love that there’s an Easter-themed option that the whole family can work on together. It makes for a perfect Easter present for the entire family too!

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Easter Bingo

Bingo can keep both adults and kids busy for hours. This is a fun and brightly colored version made especially for Easter celebrations. Younger children can pair up with older family members for intergenerational bonding, and regardless of the weather, families can entertain themselves with a new take on a traditional game that will keep everyone smiling.

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Rubber Chicken Slingshot Game

Baby chicks are a beautiful sign of Easter and springtime, but if your family appreciates silliness and fun, then this will take spring chicks to a new level. This rubber chicken slingshot game is super fun for playing outside, but it can also be hilarious inside as the chickens will stick to the ceilings and walls slowly making the excitement all the more dramatic.

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Jumping Jack Game

If you are a board game loving family or if you have little ones who love to count, your family will thoroughly enjoy this Jumping Jack Easter game. This game will be so entertaining for children who love cute bunnies. It’s also a perfect way to work on coordination skills. The Easter Bunny just might find that this little game is a great fit for the Easter basket too.

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