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Slumber Parties

Is your child having a sleepover? Fear not! The next time you have a house full of kids, try these fun children's activities, great kid's movies, and yummy recipes. They're sure to keep everyone happy and entertained for hours.

Is Your Child Ready for a Sleepover?

Has your child been invited to a sleepover, but you aren't sure if he is ready to spend the night away from home? Take this quiz to find out. read more

No Sleepover at House with Guns

A parent questions whether she's wrong to forbid sleepovers at a neighbor's house where there are several guns. read more

Sleepover Guide for Parents

This sleepover guide is full of tips, party games, snacks, and a packing list for throwing the perfect slumber party for your kids. read more

Sleepover Packing Checklist

To avoid forgetting anything, use this printable checklist the next time your child is having a sleepover at a friend's house. read more

Tips for Planning a Successful Sleepover Party

Tips for Planning a Successful Sleepover Party Sleepover parties can be a blast, but the planning, potential homesickness, and a house full of rambunctious children can put stress on both the parents and kids. These tips for party planning and dealing with a homesick child will help ensure your child's next slumber party is a success. Pre-plan read more

Top 10 Sleepover Party Themes

Slumber parties can be a blast for children of all ages. The next time your child is begging to have a sleepover, make it extra special with one of these fun sleepover themes. read more