popular topics in 3rd grade

  • Sequencing the Steps in the Scientific Method
    Scientific Method
    Activity: Sequencing the Steps in the Scientific Method
    Check your child's understanding of the scientific method with this full-color activity that prompts kids to number and sequence each step of the scientific method. This resource from ScienceWerkz: Introduction to Science interactive cours...
  • 3rd Grade Math: Multiply and Divide by 6, 7, 8 and 9
    Multiplication and Division
    3rd Grade Math: Multiply and Divide by 6, 7, 8 and 9
    Using the illustration on the worksheet as a guide, kids are asked to write two multiplication and division sentences for each picture. Get this fully interactive Learning Math course for $14.95 with a 75% discount using the code LEARN75. And ...
  • Math Printables
    Third Grade Summer Learning Guide: Get Ready for Back-to-School
    This printable guide of fun and educational activities will prepare during the summer for the third-grade school year. The packet includes a list of suggestions for summer reading, worksheets for building math skills, geography and history less...
  • General Science Printables
    Sad Panda/Glad Panda
    Make a path that alternates sad and glad, but be sure to get sad panda glad at the end! ...
  • Multiplication and Division Printables
    Hop to It!
    This printable will test your math skills as you help the grasshopper get across the grid of numbers. ...
  • Animals Coloring Pages Printables
    Pretty Poisonous
    Using the color key on this printable, color the poisonous frogs their appropriate colors. ...
  • Crossword Puzzles Printables
    Wild Weather
    Your kids can learn more about the weather and climate with these word puzzles. ...
  • Addition and Subtraction Printables
    Moo Tunes
    Use the key at the bottom of this printable to mathematically figure out which cow gave more milk. ...
  • General Science Printables
    What Pet Did Annie Get?
    This printable gives you the clues you need to figure out which pet Annie bought. ...
  • Addition and Subtraction Printables
    Where's Dinner?
    This printable will provide practice with math skills as you work to find the answer to the puzzle. ...
  • Grammar Printables
    "Fill in the Blank" Verse for Kids
    Kids can print out and use this fill-in-the-blank sheet to create a poem. ...
  • School and Learning
    Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia
    Does Your Grade-Schooler Have Dyslexia?
    Is your child struggling in school? Find out if you should have him evaluated for a reading disability. ...
  • School and Learning
    Ld Signs and Symptoms
    Does Your Grade-Schooler Have LD?
    Is your child struggling in school? Find out if you should have him evaluated for a learning disability. ...
  • School and Learning
    Reading Assessments
    Your Third-Grader: Reading Assessment
    Is your child reading beyond or below grade level? Don't read between the lines -- take a quiz to determine whether your child is on track. Then, find tips, activities, books, and downloads to help him improve his skills. ...
  • Summer Reading Guide 3-5
    Book Activities Printables
    Summer Reading Guide: Grades 3-5
    Print this reading guide full of great books for children in grades 3-5 to read this summer. Find more reading guides for grades K-2 and grades 6-8. ...
  • School and Learning
    3rd Grade Milestones and Obstacles
    Do You Know What Your Third Grader Should Know?
    Will he study world history, or learn about his community this year? Find out with this quiz. ...
  • Multiplication and Division Printables
    Multiplying with Three numbers
    Use this math printable to give children much-needed practice with multiplying with three numbers. ...
  • Multiplication and Division Printables
    7 and 8 as Factors
    In this math printable, children must find the products of multiplication problems using 7 and 8 as factors. ...