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How to Take a Pregnancy Selfie

Snapping selfies throughout the course of your pregnancy in different locations and positions can be a fun way to watch your belly grow and remember your pregnancy fondly.
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Updated: December 1, 2022

Looking to document your pregnancy outside of just your sonogram print-outs? This guide to snapping selfies throughout your pregnancy from the beginning to end is made for social media savvy moms-to-be.

While you’ll be passing out photos to your family members of your growing baby from your ultrasound appointments, you can document your own growth with pregnancy selfies. Having a pregnancy photoshoot with your significant other is another great way to document this exciting time, but snapping selfies over the weeks in different ways leading up to birth can be a fun way to watch your belly grow.

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In the Nursery


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Show off your nursery decorating skills with selfies in the future room for your little one, no matter what stage you’re in. You may feel more inclined to snap a selfie like this while in your nesting phase -- generally in the later weeks of your pregnancy while you prepare the nursery and rest of your home for the baby.

Bathing Suit Shot


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Especially if you’re expecting in the summer, you may find yourself in a bathing suit, whether it’s a one-piece or bikini, so why not document it?

With Your Significant Other


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Your selfie doesn’t necessarily have to be alone! Get your significant other in on the fun for photos too, especially if they’re usually behind the camera taking photos of you.

Bottom of the Bump


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Once your bump is actually big enough for you to cradle the bottom with your hand, this is a classic pose for selfies and photos.

Gym Selfie


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Keeping fit during your pregnancy? Show off your bump with a snap at the gym.

With Your Pets


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Don’t forget about your fur babies. Get your dogs, cats and other pets into the shot (if they’ll hold still!), because they are like your children, too!

Office Selfie


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Maybe a selfie isn’t possible at your desk, but maybe in the bathroom! Full-length mirrors are perfect for seeing how your entire body changes while your baby grows.



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You may be so busy snapping photos of your baby after they are born, that you forget to get in the photo sometimes too!

Grab your camera, find your perfect lighting and a great mirror, and get ready to show off that baby bump!

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