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Adopt-a-Pet from the Humane Society

In this activity, children volunteer to help out at the Humane Society. They might even adopt an animal!

Adopt-a-Pet from the Humane Society


It is not necessary to buy expensive pets from a pet store or breeder. The Humane Society in your town or county has many homeless animals that would make wonderful pets. Visit the nearest animal shelter over a period of a few weeks to see which animals are available to adopt. There will be cats, dogs, birds, rats, hamsters, gerbils, and others. The pets stay at the shelter as long as they are healthy and there is room for them. When you have made your selection you will have to fill out an application form (to show the Humane Society that your pet is going to a good home) and pay a fee. Buy a pet care book or borrow one from the library on how to take good care of your newly adopted pet.

Note: Humane centers also need pet caretakers. Many offer training programs in pet care for their volunteers.

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