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4 Tips for Dealing with Too Many Toys After the Holidays

Toys for the holidays, toys for their birthdays -- those toys just keep piling up. Here's our guide to purging, rationing and rotating to keep playtime fun and you sane.
How to Deal with Too Many Toys
By: Rebecca Desfosse

When it comes to my kids' play room, every day is like Groundhog Day. I straighten up the night before, but the next day, it's the same thing: little toys scattered across the floor, dozens of LEGOs dumped out, piles of dolls on the bed, and baskets and baskets of bits and pieces.

Sound familiar? Toy overload is far too common – especially after the holidays. If the sheer amount of toys to organize gives you heart palpitations, take a breath. We have four tips for dealing with too many toys after the holidays (or birthdays, or any time of year)!

1. Purge Beforehand

The trick is to purge before any gift-giving event. Ask your kids to go through their toys and set aside anything they don't play with anymore. (And put aside any toys you wish you'd never bought.) You'll need to help younger kids and those who aren't yet willing to part with anything. Donate gently used toys to Goodwill, Salvation Army or another charity. Your kids will learn the lesson of giving to those less fortunate, while making room in your house.Messy Playroom

2. Ration Toys

Instead of giving your kids all of their new toys at once, pick a few favorites and put away the other toys for another time. (You might have to sneak this step in for younger kids who don't yet understand the concept of later.)

Wait until your kids get tired of the first wave of new toys, and then bring out the other gifts, one by one.

3. Rotate Toys

Even after all the new toys are out, you can still rotate. When your kids get bored with their current toys, bring other toys out of storage and put the old ones away. To kids, toys that they haven't played with in a few weeks are as good as new.

4. Send Toys to Grandma's

If you still have too many toys or your storage is overflowing, send some toys to the houses of relatives you see pretty often. It'll free up space in your home, and keep you from having to pack toys whenever you visit.

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