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Updated October 21, 2022

Bangladesh is a country located in Asia that borders India. Below we have put together the most common Bangladeshi baby names used for boys and girls. 

Not only will this help you if you are struggling to name your little one, but it can also help you learn more about your own background if you find your name on the list.

History and Naming Practices of Bangladeshi Good Names and Call Names

The main language of Bangladesh is Bengali. The origins of Bangladeshi names typically depend on one’s religion, which is why there are several Muslim and Sanskrit names included, as well as others.

A given name is broken down into two parts. The legal first name is known as a “good name.” Your good name in Bangladesh is the name used on legal documents and formal situations. The second part of a person’s name is a nickname or “call name.” 

In Bangladesh, your call name is what you would be called by family and friends. 

Sometimes these two names are similar, and sometimes they are radically different. It is even common to shorten the “good name” and use only one syllable.

It is also very common for children to be named after surnames. Names like “Ahmed” are seen both as a given name and a last name.

Bangladeshi Boy Names with Meanings

  1. Abdul - Arabic for “servant.” This name is also used as a short form of “Abdullah” which means “servant to God.”
  2. Ahmad/Ahmed - Arabic for “much praised” or “highly adored.”
  3. Arif - Arabic and Muslim for “knowledgeable.”
  4. Arman - Bengali for “hope,” “desire,” or “longing.”
  5. Ashraf - Arabic and Muslim for “most honorable” or “noble.”
  6. Fahim - Arabic and Bengali for “clever” and “wise.”
  7. Faisal - Muslim for “strong” and “decisive.”
  8. Imran - Bengali and Muslim for “happiness” and “prosperity.”
  9. Iqbal - Arabic and Punjabi for “power” and “good fortune.”
  10. Kabir - Arabic for “big” or “great.”
  11. Mahmud - Arabic for “praised one” or “commendable.”
  12. Mamun - Arabic and Hindu for “trustworthy” and “reliable.”
  13. Mohammad - Taken from the prophet Mohammad, means “worthy of all praises” in Arabic.”
  14. Mostafa/Mustafa - Bengali for “the chosen one.”
  15. Nazmul - Muslim for “star.”
  16. Omar - Bengali and Muslim for “the highest” or “long-lived.”
  17. Rahman - Arabic for “merciful.”
  18. Sayed - Arabic and Muslim for “leader” or “master.”
  19. Sharif - Arabic for “honest” and “noble.”
  20. Sumon - Bengali for “with good heart.”

Bangladeshi Girl Names with Meanings

  1. Amala - Muslim for “the pure one.”
  2. Ashni - Hindu for “a flash of light.”
  3. Bashira - Arabic and Muslim for “bringer of good news.”
  4. Chahna - Hindu for “love” or “renowned.”
  5. Damini - Bengali for “nature” and “beauty.”
  6. Devi - Bengali for “goddess” and “kindness.”
  7. Farzana - Muslim for “intelligent” and “wise.”
  8. Fatima - Muslim for” visionary” or “spiritual.” It is also the name of the Prophet Mohammad’s daughter.
  9. Hansa - Hindu for “swan.”
  10. Indira - Hindu and Sanskrit for “beauty” and the Goddess Lakshmi.
  11. Kalindi - Hindu and Sanskrit for “sun.”
  12. Kamala - Bengali for “lotus flower.”
  13. Leela - Bengali for “divine drama.”
  14. Meena - Muslim for “light.”
  15. Nadira - Arabic and Hindu for “rare” or “precious.”
  16. Parvati - Sanskrit for “daughter of the mountain.”
  17. Rubi - Muslim for “red gem.”
  18. Sadia - Bengali and Muslim for “lucky” or “fortunate.”
  19. Sultana - Hindu for “female emperor.”
  20. Tania - Muslim for “fairy princess.”

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