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Physical Education

Physical education is an important part of your child's schooling. Explore how gym class and school athletics benefit kids, and resolve P.E. problems and concerns.

Beanbag Bowling

Improve children's hand-eye coordination with a different type of bowling. read more

Blind Man's Bluff P.E. Game

This physical education activity for kids in grades 2-5 sharpens listening and tactile skills. read more

Getting Kids to Love Exercise

Learn what types of activities can help to foster a young child's love of physical activity. read more

Going for the Gold Writing Activity

Children write an opinion essay on whether athletic excellence is something you are born with or can be developed through hard work. read more

Gym Class

Find out why your child is averse to gym class. read more

Jump over the Brook P.E. Game

Primary and intermediate children will enhance motor and space judgment skills. read more

LD, Developmental Delays, and Phys. Ed.

Learn how you can keep a developmentally-delayed child "mainstreamed" in her physical education class. read more

Pom-Pom Paddle Ball

Children practice their visual tracking and balancing skills during this game. read more

Your Own TV Show

You have been chosen to create your own health, exercise, and fitness TV show. Use the questions in this activity to help you get started. read more