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Infant Nutrition

Infants have very special nutritional needs. Whether you're breastfeeding, formula-feeding or both, these guidelines will help you ensure your baby is getting the important nutrients she needs.

Appetite and Growth Spurts in Your Breastfed Baby

Appetite and Growth Spurts in Your Breastfed BabyAn appetite spurt is the name given to describe a period of increased frequency of demand feedings by an apparently hungry baby. Other names for appetite spurts are "growth spurts" or "frequency days." These episodes occur with some predictability at approximately three weeks, six weeks, and three months, although they can happen at any time during breastfeeding. read more

Baby's 'Daily Food and Symptom Diary

Use this chart to keep a record of your baby's food intake and any uncommon reactions. read more

Breastfeeding Benefits: Breast Milk's Nutrients and How They Help Your Baby Grow

Breastfeeding Benefits: Breast Milk's Nutrients and How They Help Your Baby GrowGrowth of Breastfed Infants read more

Constipation and Iron

Does the iron that is in infant formulas cause constipation? read more

Diet and Diarrhea

Learn which foods seem to help with "binding" up the excess fluids and waste that occur with diarrhea. read more

Infant Sleeps Long Hours

A mother worries that missing a night feeding may be harmful to her two-month-old. read more

Iron Supplement Is Causing Constipation

A mother asks if there is any way to give her daughter supplemental iron and combat constipation at the same time. read more

Karo Syrup for Constipation?

Corn syrup has often been used by parents to manage constipation in infants, but is it really necessary? Find out what else you can do. read more

Poor Grades and Constipation

Could there be a connection between poor grades and constipation? read more

Six-Week-Old Is Spitting Up

When the word "projectile" is used to describe the quality of spitting or vomiting, pyloric stenosis comes to mind. read more

Two-Month-Old Is Constipated

As long as your baby is growing and developing normally, constipation should not be a cause for alarm. read more

Vitamins and Minerals for Babies

Vitamins and Minerals for Babies The need for infant vitamins is a confusing topic. Babies do need vitamins to grow well and to be healthy. They need them for strong bones, healthy teeth, and to build up their blood and prevent anemia. read more

Wean from Formula to Soy Milk or Whole Milk?

A mother wants to know whether soy milk is preferable to whole cow's milk. read more

What You Need to Know About Formula Feeding

What You Need to Know About Formula Feeding Figuring out what type of formula to feed your baby, and how much, and how often, can be very confusing! read more