Top Baby Name Trends for 2017

Check out the most popular and sought-after baby names of 2017.

Giving your child a name is an exciting yet nerve-racking task. While Emma and Noah remain the best-loved names by parents, new unique names are also gaining popularity. Are you looking for a unique name that will help your child stand out in the crowd? Check out our list of the most sought-after names of 2017 and see if you can find the perfect name for your future bundle of joy:

1. Brood of the Gods

Choose a god or goddess from Norse mythology like Luna, Freya, and Zeus to give your child that magical edge in life.

2. Almost Royalty

Perhaps you would like to pay homage to the ladies of the period drama “Downton Abbey.” Cora, Violet, and Sybil are on an upswing even after the conclusion of the popular series.

3. Call of the Wild

Even the animal kingdom has remained a true inspiration for people, with famous celebrities like Bear Grylls named after wild animals. But don’t be afraid to also summon other woodland creatures: a Wolf, Lynx, or Lionel may bring out the natural instincts in your child.

4. Transcendental Names

Names like Dream, Grace, and Destiny have been consistently winning the hearts of people with strong souls.

5. Authorial Homage

Literary types are naming their kids after their favorite authors, like Harper Lee for her beloved novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird” or Hugo, after French author Victor Hugo. But just like picking a favorite book, there may be too many to choose from.

6. Kids as Characters

Another choice for book-loving parents is to pick one of the treasured characters like Sawyer, Ophelia, Matilda, Madeline, Eloise, or Finn.

7. Music Lovers

Beloved late music legends like Prince, Bowie, or Cohen are already becoming popular names for kids.

8. Sport Enthusiasts

Be it gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles or Simone Manuel, the first African American female gold-medalist swimmer, the Francophone Simone is in style in the US.

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